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Posted in Difficulty

you can  skip some of them by just uppercutting at the low point of your jump to extend your jump to the next one of the same colour.

I never had much issue with it, unless youre getting knocked into the molten chocolate by the fairy in which case i cant really help

Last time i uploaded it i used a different zip program.

was that the only thing you needed? using that name ends the fight early as well as avoiding the instant loss of using kenzie

I can't remember the specific tactic for it was besides writing shifujo as your name

no idea then. sorry

i have done so, and also flagged them both as windows only. maybe that will help

(then use the one in each of those to reach the next)
i also reccomend leaving the green orb in the bottom room for last.)

you use the switch behind the code lock. then run to the other rooms

It's basically a pattern boss. though it can be tricky if you dont count the turns properly

shes easier if you dont silence her, and you learn a skill that helps at around level 12... theres a routine to her counter attack but thats a turn she wastes not attacking. if you silence her theres no gap in attacks for you to safely heal

the dagger in the top right of the library, you need to use it in the menu to get the key for the door with the dagger emblem
let me know once you have the blue gem and cant figure out what to do to get through the other doors in the room with the 4 pedestals for orbs


Apparently it's  the futa girls that have them... which is odd...since im sure you cant go back to the first floor without lili.

This games been out for over a year and somehow you are the first to run into this issue... patching... uploading new version in 5 minutes

where are you stuck?

btw...the usual thing is directx9 just isnt installed.

Do let me know if the latest version doesn't work. my mega got hacked so i had to upload another version.

(Edited 2 times)

i no longer have a demo for this game, as my mega account got hacked.

http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE119866.html youll have to download the one from here (its the yellow button after the yes im 18 page)

I thought it would be good to leave affiliate cuts to the developers choice. and it should come out of the developers cut.

would this work on all platforms like android?

Created a new topic Report Bugs here please

Game's developer here, please post any bugs you find here. I'm sure I got them all, but things can always slip through the net.

it's a hentai game but there is an equippable gag for the mc (which actually has a proper purpose i think)

hmmm its a full h game, not like didnapper that didnt go further than girls in bondage.

majo let you tie up girls though, give the demo of that a look

I added my paypal to the account, you should be able to use it now.

Bugs fixed, uploaded new version

You finally managed to get the payment through then :3

it's near the end of the month so if you pledge the amount you were gonna give me to my patreon i can get the game to you in 3 days, paypal is allowed on there so it should make things easier


payment declined by bank

I don't know what is and what isn't accepted by stripe. it does have security checks so let me see if i have any failed ones...
thats a lot of failures... it says it's failing a zip check, i presume thats something to do with postcode

apologies the notification only came 30 minutes ago, you can find some on the dlsite page here http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE180836.html

though the demo would give you a better idea :3

still, if you pledge to my patreon towards the end of the month i can get the game to you, just send me a message once the payments cleared next month and i'll hook you up with a mega link.

yeah but im still responsible for what is sold, tax too... flagging a game as nsfw doesn't disable paying with paypal, i deliberately didnt link my paypal cause ive been in trouble with them before and i dont want to lose my account (kajio lost £3k in sales when he was reported)

paypal don't like adult content, if i had automatic payments on patreon we could do it that way instead but that feature hasn't got to everyone yet

I don't think there are any secret areas... *looks through the editor*
though there was this hidden skill if you hit z on this spot (its the map between the hub and the maze) outside the lava cave

you can take on the final boss at any point after you get the arrows but i recommend doing all the other bosses first.

as long as you learn the plant monsters weaknesses you can grind for permanent stat boosting items too.

Managed to forget to add a game over scene for the plantgirls, fixed now but i cant email everyone cause of the bug fixes i emailed out before i slept

wasn't technically a bug btw...i just deleted a script i needed by accident like a dummy

fixed a bug with the customer transporter room, please redownload.

Replaced now

Someone reported a bug that slipped through the net in this version, reuploading now