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seems to be i need Mac OS

is it macosx you need? because i dont have the exporter for that. but iOS doesnt seem to complain.

let me check if my gms can do that

I'd have exported to html5 but i think that caps it at 30fps, certainly does in android

i also have to wonder if you can change the portraits based on the character emotion or if the emotes in the corner are the only option

is adding names gonna be a bonus text box on top? cause if not cant people just write the names?

thats what i changed it to, i was just letting the maker know in case someone wanting to use this wasnt good enough with gml to know that

not weird to me, in all the versions of game maker i had all of them had instance_destroy() with an error thrown if you put something in it

Self explanitary.

my own attempts at making text boxes and stuff were just modified crawling text objects that had an array id have to customise manually (and destroys itself if the string is "" it worked pretty well in my small nsfw uno game

it flagged as an error the second i opened it and it wouldnt run until i removed it

wrong number of arguments

also, is there a good way of changing variables and things based on choices? kind of hard to use them in a game otherwise

the gms1 version has a mistake in it

instance_destroy() has to be called as a function with no arguments

so id change it to this

 if(myTextbox != noone){
    with myTextbox{
        myTextbox = noone;

it's a thing from lilipalace. you escape from the 4 and this has ren back off into a choke point so she can fight them one at a time

no diagonal slopes again?

i really wish i couldve done a cg but i sat there for hours being unable to actually draw anything worth finishing

i think last time i updated it i started to add a scene for the orc. but couldnt come up with a proper cg idea for it. it used to just trigger a game over though

you're trying to get the number 10 and you need to be stood in the hexagram by the fire when you drink it.
the doppler disc multiplies by 2, frost blossom is -1,  purple dust is 3, and voltaic horn is 4.

horn (4), doppler(8), other two in either order makes 10

Posted in Difficulty

you can  skip some of them by just uppercutting at the low point of your jump to extend your jump to the next one of the same colour.

I never had much issue with it, unless youre getting knocked into the molten chocolate by the fairy in which case i cant really help

Last time i uploaded it i used a different zip program.

was that the only thing you needed? using that name ends the fight early as well as avoiding the instant loss of using kenzie

I can't remember the specific tactic for it was besides writing shifujo as your name

no idea then. sorry

i have done so, and also flagged them both as windows only. maybe that will help

(then use the one in each of those to reach the next)
i also reccomend leaving the green orb in the bottom room for last.)

you use the switch behind the code lock. then run to the other rooms

It's basically a pattern boss. though it can be tricky if you dont count the turns properly

shes easier if you dont silence her, and you learn a skill that helps at around level 12... theres a routine to her counter attack but thats a turn she wastes not attacking. if you silence her theres no gap in attacks for you to safely heal

the dagger in the top right of the library, you need to use it in the menu to get the key for the door with the dagger emblem
let me know once you have the blue gem and cant figure out what to do to get through the other doors in the room with the 4 pedestals for orbs


Apparently it's  the futa girls that have them... which is odd...since im sure you cant go back to the first floor without lili.

This games been out for over a year and somehow you are the first to run into this issue... patching... uploading new version in 5 minutes

where are you stuck?

btw...the usual thing is directx9 just isnt installed.

Do let me know if the latest version doesn't work. my mega got hacked so i had to upload another version.

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i no longer have a demo for this game, as my mega account got hacked.

http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE119866.html youll have to download the one from here (its the yellow button after the yes im 18 page)

I thought it would be good to leave affiliate cuts to the developers choice. and it should come out of the developers cut.

would this work on all platforms like android?

Created a new topic Report Bugs here please

Game's developer here, please post any bugs you find here. I'm sure I got them all, but things can always slip through the net.

it's a hentai game but there is an equippable gag for the mc (which actually has a proper purpose i think)

hmmm its a full h game, not like didnapper that didnt go further than girls in bondage.

majo let you tie up girls though, give the demo of that a look