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the bug occured when you bought all the upgrades before conquering all the girls.

improperly nested if statements caused the ending to be flagged as something you got even though only the 2nd condition was met.

since there's two of those, i'll just link this

i dont remember which levels i used but its a short video

first level in this video

it's been a while, you could be talking about opening the first spell door that requires lightning or the box moving puzzle

which one?

i still have to stay awake til noon/til my parcel arrives... but i should be able to get a good sleep after that

you just need to overwrite it or rename it in the same style  like save02.rvdata or whatever it was

i just dropped the fixed version in

also which numbered save is it? so i dont have to check them all

you need to grant access

yup, just the save that needs fixing though.

upload somewhere and give me the link?

bugs fixed, re-exporting, winning the fight now removes all the captured/slaver captured states so it wont happen again.
re-upping asap.
i'll cheat my way back into the mine, save emi, and put you back where the save was

i do need your save though

gimme 10 minutes to fix it

this is a small game that only consists of those two fights and some side content. a lot of art went into making it still

you need to make her orgasm 3 times for her to lose

the cg for making dash cum is different from the one for just winning

not sure which victory you got so far. cumming or hp=0

well, this does mean you do get the game, you only have the true ending and gas room loss to get now, i think.

dash* i forgot thats what she was called in this

damnit... the name code was wrong... so it was saying risky when it was talking about aya

did you lose your clothing in the previous fight? cause that could explain it... but thats a serious bug all the same

no this is very weird... i dont even have the demo anymore... the dlsite demo was the demo for risky dice accidentally and the mega account got hacked...
ah i found the i wont lose line... i didnt know it was at the start of the fight...

the start of the fight seems to set them both to 5 armor points each so you shouldnt be being stripped immediately

it sounds like youre playing the demo? i cant find the i won't lose line anywhere in the event.

in the demo if you won she'd automatically turn it around on you so you didnt get to see all the content.

what specifically is happening?

you need to change the product if you want people to donate, it just downloads for me and doesnt even ask

they work fine at my end.

please leave me alone already.

she shouldnt be joining the party if her sprite isn't there and the eventing agrees with that. ah, the number is off by one. 0-1=at the desk but that event has no sprite.

you hand them in at the guild unless otherwise prompted

i kept not barricading hoping the place would get raided and everyone turned into sex slaves.

i got them all...

i dont have any on the first page

can you get all 12 cgs in the demo?

no, i meant no more than 20,

she can get it at level 16 after checking.

word of god mostly, just because the same characters appear in different works does not mean that those characters are the same version of those characters.

this isnt hentai rpg cinematic universe i'm going for

20 at most.

that's not how canon works.

she can't learn it from the shop until she hits the level.

it's a cameo, demon wing ren is also in the pub sucking dick.

it's not canon though.