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if you didnt kill the plantgirl boss you can visit her during the ending escape sequence for a different ending, and theres another one where you visit her room on the way out if you did kill her

its game maker 8.1 i think

the game was at least 4 laptops ago, and i only have 4 laptops. so recovery is impossible.

i know what coyote time is, yuki's tale should have it

one of them is in the 2nd version of the mine

the other is in the black market

you need to collect 2 gold pieces and visit the lady in the tent to fuse them together, then use the item in the endless snowfield in the cave with the wolves

i've never heard of those issues. they were zipped years ago with uzip

if theyre the older ones they need the unlock file, if its not reading those its because the exe doesnt have permission to read external files so they need to be ran as admin

that wouldnt change anything. 

i had to add a pretty long loading screen at the start for the live2d to load for lower spec pcs

theres some automatic reload's in the arena area, as long as you wait a few seconds before rechallenging someone the live2d should come back (unless youre playing the demo)

i've never heard of the stripping animation not playing though, which girl did it happen with?

you're not, but it's just completely baffling. i even gave the card all its own variables for the calculation but every now and then it just somehow gives her more zaps than she should be able to carry

can you show me a side by side image? i havent changed anything graphics wise besides adding more live2d

what do you mean by image quality? whats different from the demo?

its not a bug, i didn't set a price for catalysts because i didnt want people selling them before i made it possible to get them in the booster pack :3.
Mandrake will be fixed in next update.
the lag spike is cause that street is one of the areas the re-initialises the live2d. (like youll note if you talk to nat and battle her again immediatey after doing so, sometimes the live2d vanishes because its not done resetting them

I'll probably make another cardgame system in the future, but it takes a lot of work to add one extra girl to the lewd bit.

does the enter key work?

i just checked it... i was right. the itch version is only larger because it ALSO contains the censored images, when the dlsite version ONLY has the censored images

i wonder if the difference is due to the censored images

what do you think is missing?

also try running just the game and nothing else

does it appear on the main menu?

one person told me they got it working by adding a shortcut to the live2d folder in the main game folder but it sounded ridiculous...

did it work in the demo?


isnt that just the compression of the zip?

the price increased by 5usd when dickdown duel was added to it

never, my older games don't have good enough (like i have troublle drawing the same characters in new ways) for me to want to put them on steam

though in the demo they dont pay out as much... since then ive increased everyone to dropping at least 75, so its 3 boosters every 2 wins

you probably have to play against the kids in the normal shop for a bit to get a few boosters.
it might take a while to get the cards you need to make a good lewd deck.

infinite spinner is a god send for tickle decks but you also want a bunch of low cost cards to keep emptying your hand to draw cards

it should do, it just should only let you use the lewd cards in the arena

it's a rare in the boosters

why are you trying to fill deck 2 instead of converting deck 1 into a lewd deck?

the best way to make money is to win with lewd stuff, but i suppose it is a bit hard... youre best bet with tickle is making a deck with a lot of low cost cards, and infinite spinner so once your deck is down to just tickles you've won

i also haven't added sale prices for cards yet

the money you get for winning has been adjusted since the demo so its 3 boosters every 2 games, and kate shouldnt be in the demo

she's not available in the demo. as the full game only has 3 girls

im still figuring out how the player is actually gonna get to know the girls... the orders certainly messed up since you gotta lewd them in the arena before you get to properly talk to them

google can help with that

all i can say is refresh with f5 til it works

i get that error one in every 4 battle tests... i always assumed it was the live2d not loading quick enough and crashing

Head right until you get to thisroom with the hole in the floor, then head right and down to the warp, that takes you right to the exit

they both go in the folder with the game.exe i think the 100% save makes sure puts all of the ending items in the inn so you can get ending 4 by combining them once you unlock the forbidden/restricted section of the library

it only has a few things to examine with character information

im just not sure what the sale price should be, nor how to detect when the player doesnt have enough cards to build a deck anymore