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of course

of course but you ought to wait til it's done, i've seen your stuff on xvideos too

one thing that bugs me about mv is that despite mapping gamepad buttons to the same keys, the thing that detects those keys dont detect the gamepad... so i cant have pad support for sylphy

never heard of that happening before

sometimes the default ones didnt work for me either, i had to ule 7zip when ultimatezip didnt work


 i did find the slave scene though

where to get slave scene? i tried getting into debt but not sure how to pass time to the punishment

level up to the point you get the self buff ability, pay attention to the turn count, and DONT silence castiel cause then she stops following a pattern that gives you a chance to heal on the turn she counters

you hookshot the left candle thing in the room blocked by fire, and the other is probably the one you get by dropping down the area where the minotaur fell at the start

thanks for the tip

so you bought it again?

I have now uploaded an alternate resolution break method to the game. hopefully this one works for you

that sounds like a false positive on virus if its deleting itself

i thought voyeurs comment on "going out the way you came in would be enough

you examine the wall she slid out to enter the room... i'd have added a sparkle... but...well... i already need the tile for the door itself

i don't know how to add a load feature because there isnt one originally 

hopefully the changes i already made will fix the loading issue, but you dont get your clothes back after being captured

its only supposed to happen if alyss loses since shes the protagonist, and even then only in certain places, since theres a special scene where sylphy rescues you in the first area

i now have live2d working in mv, but its highly restrictive so i have to disagree

the special exe that allows for larger resolutions than 640x480 don't work for every computer i'm afraid... this really is the whole game though

it looks like it had trouble immediately, but it runs just fine at my end.

I couldnt find any recent way of putting an mv game on android

when? at the start?

its probably your anti virus flagging it as suspicious... the exe was developed by so its unsigned

has the cave in happened? its been an awfully long time. 

did you check behind the chair in mage tower?

i did actually upload a new version yesterday with a lot of fixes

the first part of the abezel game over still happens in the gallery though

uploaded it now (is abyssal agent alyss b) let me know if you still get the crash

i really don't know what causes it to be honest... for reasons unbeknownst to me an event tries to find an object that certainly has an x variable... doesnt have that variable... which means the object itself isnt there... but is still weird... the crash never happens to me though, i suspect its the thing that makes the heart bubble appear above the girl getting fucked so i'll try a build without it

it's a shame but i just can't go against their terms.

odd, have you tried a different unzipper?

whenever something like this happened to me it was because of something like japanese file names not being read correctly but i dont have any of those

also, when it has gone through, you just go on each itch page and add

to the url, lemme know if any fail, you do have to link the itch to patreon though

just be sure to cancel it again after its gone through, so you dont get double charged at the end of the month

which bundle? because if its for all the games i have a pledge tier for that on patreon

odd... the dlsite version should just have been the itch version with changed pics.

the steam version is the itch version with the pics changed and put in a zip together with the unlock file that lets you choose adults only mode

which file was missing?

oh, and this game is in a constant state of 2 weeks work to release... just im really struggling to actually think about what i need to draw and write

you were supposed to use the zip from here to uncensor the steam version though <3

theres a dagger in the library, examine it from the menu and it opens up revealing a key

you definitely need to talk to the king to get in the village though, since he tells you the story about it