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i added the debug item to fix it too, the 10+ seconds of loading is supposed to avoid that but when i had youtube in the bg it still loaded wrong

her model didnt appear?

does the steam version have a smaller filepath?
cause the only difference between the two is one has the achievements plugin enabled

strange, there was a lot of lag in the step puzzles but i solved that before release.

where specifically are you experiencing lag?

thank you<3

try winrar, i use 7zip sometimes but i think i used winrar for this one

what kind of errors? have you tried unzipping it with a different program?

im azurezero on discord if you wanna get replies quicker

the dlsite version in my output folder has the minotaur folder in img/live2d

can you check if yours does?

minotaur scene is in the arena, which is in the bottom right of the slums at night

it's cause i evented most things, not sure tapping the screen would count as an OK input like it does when tapping text boxes, and the phone menu is just liberal use of show and move picture in rpgmaker

none i'm afraid, i think there was a dirty port on f95 but it wouldn't let you build decks or use the menu since they were checking for direction inputs and stuff

this is the only version that exists i think. its been a long time though

the club was only really in the demo to confirm the timing of the dancing minigame, since id have to remove it if it wasnt good for people

I'm glad! I hope i meet expectations

i wish more people posted steam reviews, i dont think i even got 20 reviews on sylphy 1

it was one of mine too. the amount of content i made is more than the previous game already but it seems theres still a lot to make to finish the story

The office segment is almost finished, all i have left to do is either
add a 3rd way to damage the thing chasing you in office part 2
give up and reduce it to just 2 traps to lure it into

ahh, i got complaints that that thing breaks on some pcs so i took it out

i hadn't thought of that, i could argue that its touch payment but that would require the card have been found

so I'll add it

yeah, GBP (£)
the smallest note is £5

you can get 3 coins by selling your underwear for £18 after asking for more money from the guy in the mens toilets

originally there was gonna be a scene with both of them getting screwed together but id already created multiple models for that end already

im not sure what changes v2 had anymore besides bug fixes

i made it for my friends :3

i still cant figure out why it doesnt work on some channel names

since i havent done my rpg segment yet, i don't know what the final bit of the game will be. since that roguelike area existed in sol rui so you could grind for the final boss

the VIP lounge is the main goal of the scenario, so i couldnt have it in the demo

that scenario is basically ranking up as a prostitute to gain access to that room. but i havent figured out how to explain that in game just yet

my last game wasnt good because i was inspired by kunoichi botan, but enokifu had used all the good minigame ideas already...

and i couldnt come up with any on my own that had the sex happen during the minigame, so it ended up being kinda empty

also i did enjoy sol rui, but my own game kate's test had a similar format

i solved the bug, but to be honest i only added going back into the meeting room to the demo so the player could rewatch it

it was cause of the switch that tells the men to leave, i forgot to turn it off again

not that i can think of, the only reason theyre male this time is because it becomes a grooming story with a female protag, since itd be saying hey come and get stripped and fucked in my card game sex arena

somehow yesterdays update didnt have the songs folder in the right place again, paste it into the main folder with game.exe to fix

lemme know if the rhythm game thing desyncs too much, the timing is tuned to my laptop

hopefully 4 months from now, being generous at 1 month per scenario

here, be sure to save in slot 12 before adding it (or rename it to whichever slot you wanna put it in

no? i did a major overhaul and added extra lewds but its done now

there is in the model,but not sure if in game...

i used to juggle projects so i could keep working when i got bored of a particular type of task, burnout means i cant though, i have to choose

i made a top down prototype this week but im having trouble conceptualising the actual world map (even though its just a basic cabin in the woods with a few dungeons

i wanna make lewd slay the spire but rpgmaker keeps getting in the way, and i cant do it in game maker cause i lose live2d

i also have a live2d model made for my next rpg, but the plot isnt strong enough yet so i got stuck there too

so yeah, i need to decide what to make properly

im half considering making another game with her tbh, but im honeslty getting torn back and forth trying to decide what to make next

the bad end was gonna be hotter, but id already created 2 live2d models for it and iddnt have the energy to show both of them getting fucked while kissing eachother

and YOU HAVE A HOOKSHOT, use it on her!

people who played sylphy wouldve gotten it quicker since theres a keycard you have to get this way (and a sliding tile puzzle you can skip entirely)