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ah theres the issue, there shouldnt be a lower route

there really is an invisible barrier that triggers a scene when trying to get to the boss room alone... what order of events occured to let you get there? cause you normally lose the key to the warehouse so you need sylphy to open it

odd, since the succubus pair is an autorun event, unless you meant that you went to the boss without first rescuing sylphie after losing. but there should be an automatic loss event if you try to go to the boss room without her.

you take the lever to the top right of the other warehouse, but thats pretty much it for the demo

the machines are only sold out while you have one, except for the one hiding the sewer entrance.

it does seem like a strange bug, that event only triggers when switch 17 is turned on (which happens when you lose)

live2d is what the cutscenes for the neptunia games are made with, as well as some fire emblem games (the headpatting game)

i just added two accessories to the game that warranted buffing the boss, accessories that give you access to lightning and water spells, which work as follows, water hits 2 random targets, and applies the wet state, thunder hits just one, but spreads to any that are wet.

since slimes are weak to lightning it's a bit too good, so i gave the boss more hp and revived the slimes with more hp. but the fight is about the same. one of the later bosses will also attempt to do it to you but by then a reflect ring is available.

in the current version losing is the only way to fully heal, but the vending machines sell Res restoring items (though i mightve added that after the demo was released)

i do expect people to do their best to avoid battles since theres no actual level based progression yet. in my speedrun attempt i got to the sewer entrance in 9:30 but beating the boss left me on low health so i lost to an enemy after that

the animations are made with live2d but i had to export them as frames, if you think theyre smooth its cause your computer is good enough to not lag as new pictures are loaded each frame

the games that can be downloaded for free arent included

but you should consider setting the eula as demo so people can download it before buying 

sometimes, while trying to move right after a textbox closes you get stuck, but if you open the save menu with esc and save and reload it gets fixed... it also might fix just with opening and closing the menu

its either one of the number keys, or one of the top row of letters... theres also a key to give you the wings in any level

thanks, she was the 2nd live2d model i ever made

are you on something that isnt windows? I can enable them for the other platforms but cant guarantee they work

i thought it might apply to the gallery too/

either way the level skip can be used to quickly get the game overs

i wonder if its random each time you click the scene... its been years but this is the first time i heard it

if you have the ini in the game folder and the demo text isnt vanishing it needs running as admin

should be the full game, but the game needs to access the unlock.ini to go past the demo... i think the demo text would vanish from the title screen also

i'd just do a dslist for your card collection, dupe it on room, sort it, then loop through it deleting the 0th item after creating a card, or adding to the number variable of the card if you have it created already.
then just remember to have your battles also use a duped ds list, in case your game creates new copies of cards to include

that's odd... i just downloaded it and it didnt happen to me...

allthough honestly the 2nd floor didnt actually have any content yet in this demo. So you're not missing much

ive added the C to examine notification to the actual game but havent updated the demo. though it will make finding some of the hidden doors easier unless i add them as an exception

there's a password?

it doesnt ask for one when i download it

i was in windowed

it got stuck with the text going super fast.

got as far as taking the calender

it's been a while but i tended to learn poison cloud from them and cast it back at them.

hopefully you're not running into the bugs that crash the game though... that fight had 2 different ones...

In mv my frame by frame animation method flickered instead of lagging as it loaded the frames. 

ultimately it's my brain that let the game down though... it needs way more fun and interesting characters than i can give it

which background music is missing? i cant remember using any non rtp music in this... you might just need to google the vx ace rtp

what specifically does it say you need? you should be able to google it. is a typical rpgmaker game with the rtp seperated since they get used in a lot of games. if its just dlsite saying you need japanese something they're wrong.

yeah this ones a game over game. turn based combat. its pretty tough in places, since i hadnt adopted game overs for bosses only yet.

the fetishes mostly focus on yuri and female enemies since armor break was the main lewd skill here (like how tying enemies up was the main thing in majo)
but the bosses also include fetishes like hypnosis, an orc gangbang, slime impregnation. tentacle suits.
be sure to download the demo from dlsite though, it will probably say you need this

there's scenes for losing and game overs for losing to bosses. i still need to add something to make it clear when youre standing in a boss room,but currently its kinda obvious, since the boss has a sprite in the dungeon

there is an item menu but its debug stuff, it comes with a prompt to addmore items

the dungeon layouts are just game makers basic room editor with a top down view

is weird for it to be messing up now when its worked for ages.
but i'll look into it.

Princess? more preview images here.

the 2nd and 3rd bosses are gonna be men.
My game is more like lilipalace and raidy than lewdest labyrinth, which doesnt have text scenes with their lewd scenes.
also Lustlock Labyrinth is the title i chose because i wanna sell the game on steam, the more lewd title is Dickdown Dungeon.
The main reason for the majority of enemies being female though is getting to strip them when you win!nxhnUY7C!n6Raar1niS-hM0Bwv7zU-zK7pts-Z5s_e80dijdHInM this version works apparently, ill be swapping it in

damn, must be an older version. will up a new demo soon

Simple enough, as an early access title I need a lot of feedback since im totally driven into a corner mentally, any cute scene ideas or anything would be appreciated.

you need to head up the long vertical shaft if you didnt kill the plantgirl boss, otherwise head through the factory area

as for other improvements, this is an old game and i dont have the project file anymore. so i can only suggest alt + enter to exist fullscreen and the volume mixer for sound.

it work now?

i'm so relieved that this wasnt another ad post!6oAFmSqb!-PxwQEyOVFehUJqIaZjCSrN8C7e-OjuMo7XrmSMGBhQ

when i checked the version i had upped to mega the file was properly in place
if your version is encrypted, then you need this!3spgkBwQ!NwfZ2chpa767kjrYDQ5bu50vJwULYfxISE84PJ_6l00
to put the graphics above in (be sure to put the game.rvdata elsewhere so it can read from the folders and place the stuff in the extract bit in the main folder with the exe)

You're welcome, making this game cost me a lot mentally, so im glad people are enjoying it

in the church back in the first town but you need to speak with the priest in the guild or library first, cant remember where