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Hi! The newer versions of android seem to have a problem with text input but it is solvable (from what I've tested and testers have seen) by backing in and out of the input menu (i.e., closing the keyboard and reopening it by pressing where to input the text).

If this doesn't work for you then don't worry, you can press enter and the name will default to Emory so you can continue playing.

Thank you for playing it! ♥

Once you download the ZIP file, you need to right click -> extract the folder. Then, open the newly extracted folder and click the application inside it!

Hiya! I'm MikomiKisomi, the solo owner of Crystal Game Works. I'm currently a (junior) college student with a passion for making games and I've been making them ever since 2015. I've released several games here and several you can't see on my profile, most of which are Ludum Dare entries- I've been entering every time since #30. On my page are several VNs- some are yuri, one is a work in progress dating sim, one is a commercial romance VN, another is an emotional and short VN, along with others there.

I'm currently working on 3 games, with 1 set to release by the end of the month and another set to release around summer.

Alice in Stardom

A free idol visual novel releasing by the end of the month for NaNoRenO visual novel jam 2019.

Paths Taken

A free royalty slice of life dating sim releasing around summer. Also has the same artist as Alice in Stardom, Violora.


A commercial 10+ hour long constellation-themed visual novel RPG about fighting monsters in the dark and the Zodiac.

So... why am I not at GDC? I'm a college student! Do you think I can even afford the plane ticket?!

All jokes aside, I hope everyone at GDC is having a great time and those of us who aren't there are still able to learn a few things about the industry and practices at home.

Hi! The full game has been finished and is available here!

No, not at the moment.

Hi! Could you show me the error message?

We actually hadn't thought about that! We'll consider adding it to the full game.

Thank you for your support!

Apologies for the late response!

I'll be making a post-mortem soon but basically the "sacrifice" part went through a lot of changes and had to be cut down significantly due to scope and timing issues so it ended up just being the choice at the end.

Weird! I apologize for the error and I'm looking into it- I'll reply back as soon as it's fixed!

Fixed it- thank you for telling us!

We don't have a projected release date just yet but the assets for the full release are about halfway done!

About a decade ago, there was basically no such thing as "English visual novels", much less the notion that they could make money and even become successful. Now, thankfully, it seems every year we step closer and closer to becoming much more recognizable rather than the tiny niche we started from, and I also can't wait to see the field grow.

Ah, how weird! Could you please email me a screenshot of your receipt/showing where you paid for it to ? I'll try to fix this as soon as possible. Sorry about the confusion!

Hi, thank you so much! The actual demo for the full game is on this page- the pixel RPG "demo" was the original concept for the game made for a game jam but was fleshed out further into a visual novel, so it is just a proof of concept now and not a good representation of the full game. 

We're very happy you liked it! ♥

Hi! The game jam version is bigger because in the full/most recent release of the game, we worked harder on compressing the file size. So while the overall game in 1.4 is bigger in terms of content, the file size is smaller due to us compressing some assets.

Thank you so much!

Yes actually, the game is almost done being expanded on and finished, but I've ported it to Ren'Py. A new demo similar to this build story-wise is available for download on this itchio page, and the full game will be done sometime in April or May and will cost $9.99.

No problem, hope you like the game!

X to open up the menu where the Save option is. Z is the back button to get out of the menu.

RPG Maker MV.

(1 edit)

When I saw the cover art and heard it's a puzzle game, I figured it wouldn't be type of game for me, but I still tried it, especially since it has so many glowing reviews. Honestly, I can't see much good about this game aside from the extremely tight art and graphical aesthetic that doesn't change for the game, something that a lot of games struggle with- this has a specific artistic identity and it never falters, which is very great. 

That's about all there is for this, though... the humor, by the end of it, was causing me to facepalm so hard I was wondering if I had lost my mind since so many of the reviews were saying how funny this game is. The humor is middle school level, there's nothing "naughty" or even somewhat adult, it's stuff that a 13 year old boy would think of and go "wow, that's so dirty!". I easily guessed the combination at the end (I gave the game the benefit of the doubt and thought, "it certainly couldn't be that childish of a combination- the MC is a dog, so it's probably 'bacon'") but of course I was wrong and the real combination was something you'd see graffitied on a middle school bathroom. 

Maybe it's just a "girl thing" but I just couldn't take the game seriously after seeing the assistant, whatever her name was. Now, obviously this is a comedy, so it's not supposed to be taken too seriously, but when the entire game's jokes revolve around "boobs exist" and "MC is a dog" and "boobz still exist!!", it's hard to take anything of it any more serious than something marketed for adolescent boys. 

The puzzles weren't too hard, which was kinda nice for people like me who aren't good at puzzles, but I can see where more puzzle-oriented players would want more. 

So, all in all... I don't see how this could be an adult game. The humor just isn't adult, it's more childish than anything. The overall aesthetic of the game, however, is by far the leading point in the game, as it does work really well to unify it all. I'd like to see more along this vein as the mechanics worked fine and the game had a strong identity, just with actual adult humor.

Gotta say, I really love this. Although I used to use Logic Pro X in the past, I've found most other music software to be complex to me, but this is extremely simple to use yet versatile.

Are we free to use the music we make with this in our own games, personal or commercial?

Thank you very much! Towards the end of the compo I tried adding as much detail to the characters as I could, but time constraints will always be my excuse ;)

Thank you so much!

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This is the general thread for posting about the ending and other spoiler things, so we'll start it off with a question- what did you think about the ending?