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Aleccia Rosewater

A member registered Jul 26, 2017

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Your guide says that the campfires are supposed to heal you. How do I get them to work

Apparently I can only download a 412kb .png file. I assume you uploaded the wrong thing?

Typos, typos, typos! I suppose that given the time constraints of contest game design something had to give

" it (the dream realm) is filled with many dangerous places created from the...
darker dreams of mankind..."  As a full explanation for every single danger in the dream realm this actually works pretty well.  You should have this as a central theme and even connect some of the random dream places to specific organizations or individuals within this setting~

more Lucia plz

Use Polaroid Camera on Former Fridge

"What? That wouldn't make any sense at all."
Use Polaroid Camera on Nitrowave
"You shouldn't put that in the Nitrowave".

Erm, game? The current standard for this is to say something silly to indicate that this is not anywhere near the solution. People generally "use" cameras with other things to take a picture of them. They also occasionally use batteries or spare film on the camera to keep it working.  Alternatively this could be seen as "use piece of tech on unrelated piece of tech".

A more childish character would likely actually take a picture or each and every thing. A genius like Quidget would probably instead talk about the appliance itself.

Anyone else notice just how robotic everything in this galaxy is?

The first character we meet assumes the form of a heptagon, which rotates as she speaks in a clockwork manner. Stating simple facts only requires one turn, while abstract concepts require more and creative thinking requiring the most turns by far. Poor Keu is given a form similar to the planet's former inhabitants, presumably as a replacement for the previous occupants. She then is unceremoniously dropped off onto the planet, where she gets shown how electricity works and immediately starts filling the limited space in her backpack with computer parts and of course everything has a technical name the red many-angeled corruption  everywhere has to be referred to by its proper name. The spiky stuff doesn't even cause injury or illness in a normal way, no repairing the damage done to Keu from such is actually best described using the word repair rather then heal.

Even the respawn mechanic is handled accordingly. Having the replacment chassis provided for keu.exe starting out at half health as a reminder  of the prior failure does indeed sound like something a mother would  do. On a related note, could we have some dialogue from Nea if the player manages to get Keu several times within a short timeframe? Like a mother scolding a child for getting herself hurt? Which must be difficult when Keu can just repair herself easy if she has enough tools with her.

"Follow your instincts"  Keu is told. In other words, "Follow the preprogrammed instructions that was literally coded into your subconsious". Why thank you good sir. You may have the power to i dunno crush computer processors in your hand or something, but I have free will I dont have to listen to you the only reason why I am accepting your trinket at all is because it is literally the only way to proceed~

I also noticed that you tried pretty hard to keep the characters from swearing. If this is the goal then you should recheck the dialogue for the first lock

I like how you chose themes that would not ever be found in any other media type~

gdffdsn could I not be given one more minute of content the demo cuts me off at the exact point where I start wanting more

Could you double-check the downloads? is only giving me the .exe and not the data folder