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Very cool demo! Love the oldschool horror style :D Excited to see what this game becomes :)

I really like the chaos that can ensue in this game as it allows a lot of fun wacky moments to take place! Simple but fun game :)

Hell yeah :D Looking forward to it!!

Kept getting some weird light pop up occasionally which I wasn't sure was by design or a bug? Had a lot of fun though and will be sure to check out your game over on steam :D 

Really love the style you got going for this game! It's really refreshing and different :D Enjoyed playing a lot so I hope you keep up the great work and complete this gem of a horror game :) 

Such an amazing game! Hopefully you can see from my video how much fun I had :D The way the game just takes whatever energy I put into it and creates more fun is incredible!! Really hope to see more games like this from you in the future and hope you consider making more chapters for this simple but incredible game!!

Realize I'm a little late but I had so much fun playing your game and wanted to say thank you!! Loved the comedy and humor. Loved the bit of mystery. Loved the game! Cannot find a single fault other than that there is no music track for Harold serenading Kevin ;) Really look forward to what you make next :D 10/10 

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Really enjoyed this game!

Got progressively scarier the longer I seemed to play. Really excited to see what the next chapters look like and give them a play :D

Although I might need to get some new insurance on my gear before I jump back in XD

Thank you for the experience!! 

Really awesome game with great atmosphere and scares!! Had a lot of fun playing so thank you for the experience :D  

Wasn't sure what the story was about but I still got pretty scared! I think the silence really adds fear!! 

Really enjoyed playing your game :D I wasn't very good but  I had a lot of fun playing around with Garry!! I  hope you do more games like this as I would love to play more!! (Hopefully I will do better next  time :P) 

Had a lot of fun playing your game so thank you for mentioning it to me :D Had the right level of challenge I think as I found levels hard but not so hard that I felt like I wanted to quit. Look forward to seeing more from FLUFFY DEFENDERS!! 

Well I'm glad they were easy or else I think I wouldn't have even made it to the next section XD I will gladly give your other game a look sometime  :D 

Wasn't sure what to expect but I really enjoyed myself and had a lot of fun :D Going to have to watch the anime now!

 One thing I will say is that some of first room rabbit holes felt glitched as I could just stand still and nothing would happen. Not complaining as most of the levels proved to be a real challenge but thought I would mention in case it wasn't intentional :) 

Only just started but already having a lot of fun with it :D

One thing that could be improved was the text boxes as it's hard to know who is talking at times. 

Overall though it's great fun so if you're reading this and haven't played it yet give it a go you wont be disappointed!! 

Deceptively hard but very fun! Never going to be a parent but this is how I always Imagined life would be like if I was  XD 

Short but really fun hope you expand on it :D 

Short but really spooky! Can't wait to see more :D 

Haven't even finished it yet and I'm already enjoying it so much :D 

Really love the art style and animations in this!! I haven't got far in but I'm already really enjoying myself :D Keep it up!! 

Haven't played it all yet but really enjoyed what I have played so far!! Really love the time setting as I haven't played many games around this time period :)

Thanks for the awesome experience and here is my video of how I got on :D

You have my vote :D 

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Had so much fun playing this game!!! Really hope you do more as I would love to play more adventures with Quidget The Wonderwiener!! :D

 Hope you enjoy my game play of it :)