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Narrative murder mystery game in which you connect arson and murder crimes · By NeoTalon

Videos! Let's Plays and Feedback

A topic by CoalFire created Jan 25, 2018 Views: 347 Replies: 4
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So the strongest part of this game, in my opinion, is the visuals. The dense low poly art style with all the vibrant color is absolutely gorgeous and contrasts nicely with the cabin and tower. The gameplay is little more than a walking simulator and the story seems pretty convoluted, but that could just be because certain items didn't seem to be working properly. The voice acting is a nice touch but seems generally sub par with most of the lines sounding that they were lazily read off the script with the one piece that sounded well acted being the one part that I wish I hadn't heard. The answers were so thoroughly spoiled by the ending that it gives any replay no value, by the end I had pieced together every bit of evidence I could find, gone though the minigame to solve the crime and was shown the ending even though I was completely wrong. This has a lot of potential to be a cool experience, so I'm only trying to point out all that I found at fault and my thoughts are far more detailed at the end of the video and, if you'd like, I would love to discuss it further with you.


Thank you so much for taking the time to check out our game. We appreciate your feedback.


Really enjoyed playing your game :D I wasn't very good but  I had a lot of fun playing around with Garry!! I  hope you do more games like this as I would love to play more!! (Hopefully I will do better next  time :P) 

Played this game for today's episode. Really enjoyed it. Thought the suspect was someone completely different so I don't know how I got to this ending but yeah lol. Very cool game, interesting story, and nice graphics. Would love to see more :)

I am very interested in your game, I think you have a very solid core idea, with that being said there were some things that I wanted more out of. I was a bit confused with the scout tower, I understand the book was there, but I feel like there should have been more around it, it seems like such a big thing to put in for just binoculars and the book, and as soon as we picked up the binoculars I was hoping that we'd be able to look through them and see something that we couldn't find because of the perimeter of the map.  I also thought that the hands were completely grey, but hey, maybe i'm just color blind lol. I also felt like I was still lost while trying to put the story together, i'm not sure if others had the same feeling or if this just isn't piecing together for me, but I felt like I was just picking up clues and they meant nothing to me, I didn't feel like there was any order or indication of how they related to the murder. The biggest issue I had in the game was honestly the voice of Gonzales, she's supposed to be this bitchy I don't give a f*** boss, like... I don't care if you pull yourself together for this case, i'm giving you this chance so prove to me that it was worth it to keep you on. and the girl just didn't sell it for me, the same with the murderer at the end, I could feel that he was trying to tell a emotional story, but if you are confessing something like that I feel like you should be broken, especially where he was talking about the way he felt he was in a trance. I thought the detective's voice was fine, you can get away with any voice for him really. I also don't know if I experienced a little bug in the game, but at about 10:10 in the video I start to grab at what I assume may have been a hint but i'm not sure, I was just getting "nice one mike" with a hand animation. But other than those few things I think you could make this into a great game! I really appreciate the way you have the menu of the phone to look back on information and dialog. I don't know what i'm missing, but I still enjoyed your beta! Oh and I completely failed putting everything together, I feel like maybe if I failed you should have an animation of the suspect in holding get to walk away instead of getting this big confession so if you're closer maybe it could change with like a lawyer of the chief saying you don't have enough evidence, I think that would just be such a cool little thing to add in as well as give you the replay value you want! But I look forward to all the improvements you can make in the future and i'll be looking for them!