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on there thank you! :)

I thought this was such a cool game, I first want to say WHOEVER is writing the notes in this is doing phenomenal!!! PLEASE write a book or do more games with this kind of writing because I was SOOO blown away by it, you set the tone so correctly and I really felt for each of the notes, I wanted to read the next one I was so intrigued with every single  note! The ONLY upset I have with this game is that when we dropped into the "bathroom" or "shower room" wherever the eggs were it sounded, truly sounded like there was something down there and I was really waiting to have to run or fight something it had me so excited, but nothing ever came and that really disappointed me. Other than that I love the concept of the roaches turning them into shells and would love to see this as an extended game, hope you do more in the future! πŸ–€

(1 edit)

What an AMAZING demo you have created I am so excited to see this as a full game! Something I would like to see (maybe it's in the full game) is how we got to Lemuria/why we are there, I grasp the concept of you wake up with no recollection, if somehow in the story we're related to something or a twist is supposed to be revealed about it/us. But the only thing I had trouble/a problem with is one of the puzzle rooms (for me personally i have a really hard time figuring out where I am in relation to the room. I would love for the doorway or the specific square we are in front of glows when its on, just to have a sense of where we are related to the map) in my video at 18:10 I show a picture of the room I had HUGE trouble with. But besides that I fell in love with this game from the demo and I'm soo SOO excited to see truly how far we will go to escape Lemuria! I look forward to the full game! πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€

Oh lord, let me start off by saying WHAT ARE THESE POOR CREATURES YOU CREATED? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ they're like demented mutant teddy bears? I think this is a very simple game but I still had a fun time playing it, I would have loved for there to be different types of creatures so it wasn't the same teddy bear hopping at you. I also think I misread what you meant by throw a toy and kill a monster, I think you meant throw it at the monster to kill it, but I did not do that once πŸ˜‚ I thought you meant the toys we threw in the furnace would kill the monsters, but it clicked when I was editing, that's not what you meant. But I think that if you did create different characters, like a jack in the box, that could stretch out and come at you REALLY fast or maybe another wooden horse that would turn into a giant evil one when you picked it up that would spawn randomly and try to hide or take the other horses, I think that would really prioritize what you should throw in the furnace and how many extras you have to throw at the monsters, it would make survival and tossing a much bigger bargain. So I would like to see some updates with the game and a much bigger area for it aswell, but good job I had fun! I wish I read about the easter egg before I played cause I would have been looking for it 😞 your game begins at 9:20 πŸ–€

I LOVE THIS GAME! I had so much fun playing it and would have loved it even more if the challenges got increasingly difficult (not that I completed all 4 tubs anyway) but I would love to see this game start off really simple, oh hey just warm water, milk, and chocolate, then start adding in all the toppings of cherry and cream. I would have loved it to start expanding to a bigger kitchen with more platforms to jump on and more ingredients! I think this could totally be a longer game and I would really love to see that! The only trouble I had with this game was I was so upset when I couldn't press the water again to fill the tubs!!! I must have screwed up almost every single time! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But your game starts at 2:29! πŸ–€

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I think this is a really cool idea, I think anything from the mindset of a child can go so many ways. I think you have such a cool idea of having a red light thats bad, and the white light that's mom. I wish that they were actually people though, I wish you could try to pester people and they might help you or be on the phone and ignore you, maybe they would pretend to help you, but oh no, now you're kidnapped! This game was super short, but I really want to see this refined into something longer. I also love the way the game looks, all dark and scary, I really feel like it represents the fear and loneliness the child may be feeling, keep up the good work and I can't wait to see what you do with this in the future! Your game starts at the beginning! πŸ–€

Well... working at ups has taught me one thing, your game is pretty accurate πŸ˜‚ at least on the warehouse end πŸ‘€ I thought this game was simple but the concept was there, I'll be interested to see what you do with it in the future! Your game starts at 10:24 and goes till the end πŸ’›

such a simple concept that I still had fun with, there was definitely times where I wanted him to go faster but overall I liked the concept of making sure you were always charged, there were a few times where I did not make it πŸ˜‚ but I think this could be a longer game honestly, I think you could really make it even more challenging and have levels and all sorts of things added to it instead of what ever in the world that ending was but I enjoyed it non the less πŸ’› Your game starts at 5:05 and ends at 10:23

It started off normalish... and then I really had no idea what I just played πŸ˜‚πŸ³πŸ˜‚ this game starts at 0:00 and ends at 5:04 πŸ’›

Very creepy but very cool, I like the idea alot, I think there's something so forbidden and "scary" about not only witchcraft but the fact that she's the daughter of someone in high power. I think this could be made into a full game and maybe more of a mind game where the witch is playing tricks on him while he's in her lair (and it sounds like she's been down here for quite some time, I think we should have seen it be a little more "homey" as homey as a witch would make it) I would have really liked to see more definition between the cave tunnels, and more areas that seemed like you were going in circles since that's what the notes were telling us (that the men felt like they were going in circles) that also makes me feel like we should never have seen a "doorway" out, maybe that was a mind game/trick for her to catch us, but I would have loved some more darkness in this game, but I still had fun and some good scares while playing it! I hope you do more with this game and I can't wait to see what you do next! 

LOVED this game but could not finish it, first off I just could not survive after the killer interacted with us, not only by being ridiculously scared of him, but the red screen was just too much for me. I had an issue with the doors as well, but I see you already updated that so THANK YOU! I really want to come back to game and complete it, it has such a great environment, and I would really love to see more games with this like "lost footage" kind of vibe you guys really killed it! Oh and also when we first go up the stairs when the music is super dramatic, I'm aware that's supposed to be us recognizing there's a killer, but at first I really had no clue, I didn't know if we were supposed to be seeing him or heard him, but if there was a queue I missed it completely. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚But this killer was amazing to make a thumbnail to ❀

and Jacksepticeye played you game as well so I hope you get the recognition you deserve! Can't wait to watch his scares! xoxo -Alexia

Let me start off by saying I LOVE THIS GAME! I think you have something so unique and cool and cute! I absolutely love this crazy duo and the way you make us use them, I love this weird story with the cow queen and the fairies, its just everything I never knew I needed. And let me tell you slapping around those cows and then making them fall in love with you is quite the interesting power we have πŸ˜‚The puzzles are straight forward and you don't have to do anything over the top to figure it out, I love the art style and cows running and the little world you've created. My only complaint is that this isn't a full game because I NEED it and I can not wait to play it! I have no idea why this isn't at the top of the itch page because you guys seriously killed it. Do you have an social media where you post updates on your game or would itch be the best place? 

Really fun concept, I enjoyed the thought that the girlfriend was kidnapped and now you're being kidnapped as well, I think it would be pretty cool if the girlfriend was in on it, of course this being a demo you can't show more involvement with the girlfriend. I did go back to the room and pressed both buttons, I don't know if thats a thing of ease right now or if you truly have no intention of killing the character, I was really interested to see how we would have died though. And I absolutely LOVED the sunflower room, I think its a peak into the mindset of whoever is doing this, whether it be somewhat childish, somewhat pretty, a peak into where this is located, etc. I would have really loved to see that room stay gorgeous but be darker, I think the clash of beauty and terror is something that should be in so many more games, but I think its hard to do, I think you've hit it though. I love the concept of having the spider chase us, but I wish it was a bit more realistic, maybe the sunflowers are a bit poisonous or hallucinogenic and that's why we see the spider, but what I thought would have just been the cherry on top was because the sunflowers are already growing in patches I thought it would have been so cool to see them growing out of body bags like... ughhh that would have been so good. But I am super excited to see where you go with this and I think you'll go far! I'll be looking for updates :) Great job!

I think you have some really strong concepts, but I think some things need to be fixed, I cant wait until there are voice actors so I can listen instead of talk, even though this is a demo I would have really liked to be able to press the sentences after I read them so I wasn't missing anything. Switching back and forth between the times had me a bit confused at times, but I think things look great when they are actually switched. I do love how you used switching between the times though, I liked using the film roll and having to fix up the stands in the attic, I thought that was phenomenal transitioning. And even if they each got me I would like to see you use the mannequin in more ways like the shadow on the wall that lead to the bathroom, I think more of a scare comes from it just being there or around you or in the corner of the room just watching you, even if you have the occasional jump scare it makes it feel like something more sinister is at work. I am interested in the story though, I hope its way more than just like hey they had a haunted mannequin, I'm wondering if it was a child that may have been abused in the family, and thats why that one is broken and cracked compared to the pretty clean family ones, maybe it was something from around the time of the "past" I think you have something very cool! I can't wait to see what this can become when its cleaned up! Great job

Really love how fun this game is, the physics are great, the challenges are fun and I hope more can be added. I love the tiny bit of customization that can be done, it's just overall one of those games you can have fun for hours, without wishing the controls could work better. There are some sections in the map that you can go through when using the harpoon, don't know if that's totally cool, I'm just happy I didn't get stuck in anything or underneath the map, there was also one part where I spawned in the sky instead of in the water and I was so mad that I had to start over but all the progress was saved so you have made me one happy person ;) And I also have to mention my peanut sized brain thought the big sword was a "place" or "location" for us as a shark to purchase and oh my lord it took my so long to figure out it was the weapon, (even after I bought a weapon and almost clicked on the big sword, but wow was that a fun find. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) can't wait to see what else happens in this game :) Keep it up!

do you guys have an update page I could follow? Any news on when the next piece of this will be out? :)

how is the full game coming along? I know it's a long process to put together a great game and I did see that you added a newer version of the demo. Any idea of a release yet? And any idea how much the full game will cost? I'm really looking forward to it! Keep up the good work! :D <3

so so so great! I love every single game you've put out like this there's just something so great about the play style. I personally felt like the scares weren't as great, maybe i'm just not paranoid about being chased by a computer, but I liked that there was actually more of a story this time with the chum and all that. I really look forward to seeing what show you can twist next! I'll be waiting! :D

This game has a strange feeling to it, I'm pulled in with the story line of her being sick and someone taking over the institution it makes me believe theres something going on within herself that she may not be aware of, I think the third person style is just fine, but there were some parts where turning the camera angle felt absolutely crazy like I was spinning, and I almost has a motion sickness feeling, thankfully it didn't get to that point. I didn't finish the game so I don't know what else you have to offer but I will be making a second episode, what I did see is the creepy "dog" and some interesting creatures,  I like the way they look and I got super excited because they gave me silent hill vibes! I think it would have been more fun and challenging if we couldn't just circle them and be gone, I felt like they were a little slow so there was no threat, even in the room with multiple of them, but of course you don't want them going so fast you feel like it's spam, but i'm sure you could find a happy medium. I wish I could have seen some of the controls pop up on the screen instead of me having to pull up the pause screen everytime to see what controls I need for the actions i'm trying to do. I did have a small thing that frustrated me was right at the end of my video before I do my outro, I did die (AND NO SAVES ;-;) but I was pressing the attack/melee button and she didn't attack the girl until I died and that was pretty upsetting, but the only other issue I have is the game became quite dark at times and I felt like the flashlight bobbing everywhere with her motion was irritating. But you have so much opportunity and cool things to do here, I loved the balls of poison gas or fog, I love the fact that there's arms and tokens every where, I didn't get to use the vending machine but I'm excited to try it! I think you've made some really cool environments and there's just something I like about this game as a whole, I think you have a lot of potential here and I hope there's more to this game that is not wrapped up in the demo!

awesome I can't wait!

I very much look forward to it! On the topic of Dante, is it supposed to relate to Dante Alighieri at all? Or just the same name?

Insomnis, it comes at you very strong comparing itself to games like Amnesia the dark decent and PT, those are two HUGE titles to live up to, I don't feel like the game has a similar feeling to Amnesia or PT, but it wasn't bad because of that. Issues that I have with this game are few but in need of fixing, after reading a few other reviews of this game it's clear that most of the game audience has no idea we are supposed to be this character Dante, and has no idea we are somehow related to the girl that is missing or is sexual abused. Maybe something that would help with that is subtitles, I know there were subtitles in the room where you have to move pictures around to grab a tape, but if there's any sort of dialogue coming from the radios I completely missed it, and I could not make out what the girl was saying towards the end in my original play through, when I went back and edited the video, I could sit and listen to it (I wrote what I think it said in my video to help my viewers) but i'm thinking about the people who are just playing and not getting the chance to listen again. The last bit of talking *SPOILERS* when you put your hand in the hole in the wall I was still struggling to figure out what she was saying *SPOILERS OVER* Continuing to talk about the painting room, I don't feel like it's a bad idea, but I feel like some of the pictures could be changed, I tried to listen to what the recording said, the first word that popped out to me was blind, so in the first picture having what looks like two men without eyes I really thought that was the one and couldn't quite relate the pictures to their words, after figuring it out I could see how they could fit a bit more, but in the first play through I felt like I was just mindlessly pulling the levers for a little bit. Now enough with the negative, you have me SO SO SO SO SO intrigued, when it comes to darker stories I am immediately pulled in, so having these news paper clips of sexual abuse inside an orphanage has so many thoughts bouncing around in my head about what happened and was it someone in the orphanage, someone that adopted her, and so on. I think you've made an absolutely gorgeous game, I love the clash of colors, blue vs pink anything across the color wheel and i'm sold, I also am seriously in love with the flashlight, it's stunning and I would love something like that in real life, where did the concept for that come from because it's so cool? I thought the water on the floors was done flawlessly, and the long hallway with the crosses was nerve racking, so environmentally there's nothing I can point to and say fix that. The ending has me a bit confused but so much more intrigued, why the fuck would we do that? And is that going to play into the next section of the game? Is this little girl playing mind games with us and playing us to get to her? Are we really just seeing things like the ghost? Are we really the abuser but we still care about her and trying to get her back? There's just so many options to play with in this game and I can not wait to see what you are going to do with this. Once the story is polished, I can really see this blowing up. One thing that helps me when creating stories (I'm an author) Is knowing that I know everything that I want to happen, I know every character and where the story is and where it's going, but if you go through your work, really look and see what the audience is getting out of it. We are a blank slate soaking up all of this information for the first time with no knowledge about what's going on or where it's leading, make us understand, give us all the small details you think we might not need. But I hope I could help, and I really hope you continue to work on this game because I would love to see what happens with this game in the future! -Alexia

I thought this game was absolutely ADORABLE! I don't know why you don't have so much more attention on this game, I liked that it had a similar feel to little nightmares with the side scrolling game play, the fact that we're small and a few puzzles, but with that being said I don't feel like you copied it in any way. I was blown away with the fact that hey, we're paper but more than that we actually had to "learn" how to turn into the paper ball, and the frog, it was perfection! I only have two small complaints about this game, the fact that when you are walking on a plank (in the stair area) It was a bit frustrating to have to wiggle back and fourth with the controls to get across it, I wish the camera angle straightened out so we could just run across it easily, my second complaint is that it's too short! I think the environment, the art style, the mechanics, everything is just so good, I really hope you plan on doing something bigger with this cause I would be all over it! You've seriously made such a great concept and I would love to see what this could be blown out on a bigger scale with more of a story! Great work! 

My first impression was a little nervous because of the angle of the camera, but I came to like it because you could see this creepy, suiting face of Barry as you struggle to hide these parts. I see that a few people actually wanted it harder... I AM NOT THAT PERSON lol, I have managed to make it to the fourth day, but I could not pass it! It was so hard for me to put another object (like a pillow) on top of one of the parts. I JUST COULD NOT MAKE IT WORK!! And as stressful and as challenging as his arms are when they're swinging everywhere, it did add to the fun of the challenge but again extremely hard for me to hide anything. I managed to finish a few levels using the bookshelf and a good level where the bookshelf did not go so well. Lets just say the door being so close to the bookshelf really worked against me, but I would love to see more from this game, maybe different environments or challenges with the parts, find all the fingers or something like that lol, but I hope you do more with this and I look forward to future projects! 

I totally think you should do a chum bucket one! Especially where the sponge bob ones get so much attention, and its such a fun, simplistic style, hope you go through with it! <3 can't wait for the new one!

thank you so much! Can't wait to see what you do in the future! ^-^

Thank you for making me a sad human lol, I loved the concept of the scarf and having to make sure if he was getting to cold to make sure he had to warm up. I thought it was very simple and fun I would like to see a longer game with this kind of platforming, it wasn't stupid intense, rather calm and just a nice setting and tone to the game. *SPOILERS* The end had me heart broken but I don't know if he made it out to a sunny area or if that was supposed to be a "heaven" because he couldn't survive without the mama and would have froze to death, but I thought it was great, thanks for pulling on the heart strings! 
Pajuu starts at 4:07 and ends at 7:03

I thought this game was great, it was simple and fun but also made me focus on where my fingers were on the keyboard at all times, I did NOT get to the end because I felt like I went into every single room but just couldn't find them all. I don't think 12 keys is unreasonable, it had me wanting to play it until I beat it because the butler roaming around isn't difficult to dodge, but GOD I WISH I COULD RUN!!! Other than that I had a great time :) 
The Butler starts the video and ends at 3:55

I absolutely love what you've done here, courage was my favorite cartoon as a kid so I had to play this as soon as I saw it and you did not disappoint. I think this is a really cool opportunity to continue with, courage has SOO MANY different villains that you could do this for so many more and I would have a ball. THE DIFFICULTY ON THIS MY GOD!! I played the 3 a.m. at the krusty krab and that wasn't shit compared to this one, that one took me about 15 minutes to play through and this one took me about 50 I just kept running into her and KING RAMSES is so fast i'm going to eat a shoe. As frustrating as it is I still had a good time playing a game about my favorite purple dog. I can't wait to see what else you'll come up with!

I have no idea what your monster is but it's equal parts terrifying and equal parts comical, I was laughing as well as screaming at it. I feel a bit stupid for jumping at him a few times, but hell it was fun. Something that gave me such a hard time in this game was the way you had the map set up, not the lines or anything, but the fact that you made the hallway we were in to the left instead of straight up or down, I kept trying to memorize the directions I had to take, but having to switch them because the hall we were in was towards the left so that got a bit frustrating to me. I was so upset about was when we were getting chased by this thing I ran into like every dead end and there's no way to get out of the situation, like I was really hoping I could pull him to one side and run out the other, but I get it's a dead end, so there doesn't need to be a change there, something I want to nitpick is when you're in the room that you have to jump the gap, if you step on one of his eggs he gets stuck right between the boxes you have to jump from and onto and you cant get too close because you'll die, but it wasn't too hard to run to the right then jump to the left and run away from it because it resets the monster, and lastly, I might just be completely oblivious but when I put all of the fuses in the machine I thought I was good to grab my dog,  so I ran all the way there and that wasn't the case so maybe just put the button right on top of the fuse box or like even closer, but overall I had a great time, of coarse I love the concept, saving dogs is life lol <3 but it was entertaining! I hope you make some more projects in the future :) 

Oh my lord the mechanics in this are crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way, unfortunately I felt great shame because I could not deliver my message and damn it was a good one, but there was definitely some rough wishes, but hey if you don't mind it I don't either, that reminds me, I wanted to check it mine was delivered hahaha, but I could not manage to get past the area next to the other dead post man, my postman definitely died there too, but if you wanted to check out the clip of your game it starts at 2:46 and ends at 7:40 :)

Such a great and funny concept! Really enjoyed this, I wish there was more in it, maybe challenges or something because I thought it was a bit short, but I also wasn't the best at it, but I still had a good time! Your game stops at around 2:40 if you want to check out the clip :)

Human, I at first thought it was about human test subjects, like something similar to the walrider in outlast, but it had nothing to do with human experimentation, BUT I see you were green lighted about the new version of this 'Human Subjects' and I can't wait to see what you do and where you go with it! That is a topic that is completely free, you can choose to do whatever you want with it and that's what I think is so great about that horror topic. As for this game I thought the atmosphere was AMAZING! You really have the creepy factor down and I can appreciate that there's not cheep jump scares, it feels like environment is feeding off of your fear and not many games have that factor anymore, I thought it was extremely well done. I thought everything was done great, between all the "glitching" or switching between realities, it felt like everything happened at the right times and it all flowed beautifully. The graphics were beautiful and the sounds added to the fear factor of the environment. The only thing I didn't care for *SPOILERS* was the ending, I really wanted there to be something more creative than just putting the devil at the end of all this, I feel like that's almost an easy way out and a bit callable, to me it felt like, oh what's evil, the devil. But creating something of your own is something else with no limit, you decide what it can and can not do, it could change the story and what he sees drastically and i'd love to see you create something from all of this experimenting in the lab. *SPOILERS* But I do look forward to see what you will do with the human subjects game and all the improvements and changes you'll be making. I plan on purchasing and playing once it comes out! 

I just posted my video a little while ago and as soon as there's copyright in the video there's a tab that pops up, and it's not there for me so no copyright! :D 

Wow, I am a bit embarrassed to admit I jumped more than a few times playing this, no jump scares, just good old timing lol. But I was a bit upset when we finished the main objectives but was super thrilled that we got to do one last thing! Very enjoyable simple game! Great job! I look forward to seeing what you do in the future! :D 

I am very interested in your game, I think you have a very solid core idea, with that being said there were some things that I wanted more out of. I was a bit confused with the scout tower, I understand the book was there, but I feel like there should have been more around it, it seems like such a big thing to put in for just binoculars and the book, and as soon as we picked up the binoculars I was hoping that we'd be able to look through them and see something that we couldn't find because of the perimeter of the map.  I also thought that the hands were completely grey, but hey, maybe i'm just color blind lol. I also felt like I was still lost while trying to put the story together, i'm not sure if others had the same feeling or if this just isn't piecing together for me, but I felt like I was just picking up clues and they meant nothing to me, I didn't feel like there was any order or indication of how they related to the murder. The biggest issue I had in the game was honestly the voice of Gonzales, she's supposed to be this bitchy I don't give a f*** boss, like... I don't care if you pull yourself together for this case, i'm giving you this chance so prove to me that it was worth it to keep you on. and the girl just didn't sell it for me, the same with the murderer at the end, I could feel that he was trying to tell a emotional story, but if you are confessing something like that I feel like you should be broken, especially where he was talking about the way he felt he was in a trance. I thought the detective's voice was fine, you can get away with any voice for him really. I also don't know if I experienced a little bug in the game, but at about 10:10 in the video I start to grab at what I assume may have been a hint but i'm not sure, I was just getting "nice one mike" with a hand animation. But other than those few things I think you could make this into a great game! I really appreciate the way you have the menu of the phone to look back on information and dialog. I don't know what i'm missing, but I still enjoyed your beta! Oh and I completely failed putting everything together, I feel like maybe if I failed you should have an animation of the suspect in holding get to walk away instead of getting this big confession so if you're closer maybe it could change with like a lawyer of the chief saying you don't have enough evidence, I think that would just be such a cool little thing to add in as well as give you the replay value you want! But I look forward to all the improvements you can make in the future and i'll be looking for them! 

This was so well done, i'm glad I decided to play this. Your humor is done so right and spaced so well, honestly i'm surprised this hasn't gotten more attention, I don't know how active your account is, but I hope that you can make some more future games because if they have the same humor I will be all over it! But great game and I hope you do some more work in the future :) No complaints!

Handsy has changed quite a bit! I really like that we have a small objective now more than something that more or less shows us how to use the controls. I like this small little map too, I was so genuinely concerned that the water would kill me as soon as I touched it until I saw a coin underneath it lol. I didn't have an issue getting to most coins but the one on the tree was dreadful, (at about 9 - 10 minutes it turned into basically a death montage of me trying to get that coin lol. I played the game for about 40 minutes and at least 20 of that was just trying for that coin) I kept getting up there and it seemed like every time I should have gotten the coin I slipped right off of the side, and I tried and tried for quite some time, it just seemed like nothing I did worked, jumping, just running, the little boost with the mouse, I just couldn't make it work. Something that's not a huge deal but could be fixed a bit is some of the camera angles, I feel like if I get to close to somethings the angels just go crazy and you see it in the video a few times, but it's not anything that needs to be jumped on. The only other thing I had an issue with was pushing things, i'm sure it is super weird and hard to program a singular hand to push something, but it's rough and it takes a lot of effort and time, as you could see a lot of the pushing was me getting it a few inches then the hand would go past it and I would have to come to the back of it again and again. Unfortunately I couldn't get all ten coins thanks to that tree lol so I didn't get to take a look at the volcano that was really calling my name haha, but I think you have the beginning of something really cool, I love the sound of the portals with all the different time lines that is making me SOOOO EXCITED and the main story of why Handsy has been created is beautiful haha! I CAN NOT wait to play when you have those updates!! I look forward to seeing some more from you guys and Handsy! :D