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Screenshots and Videos Sticky

A topic by Sunscale Studios created Aug 04, 2018 Views: 281 Replies: 7
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Here you can post screenshots and youtube videos of Hyss! 


It is a very beautiful and interesting game, I love it. here is my gameplay video.


Hello wolftooth!
So glad you liked Hyss, and thank you for making a video. We really appreciate it :)


Really nice work so far... it's so cute & fun that I didn't even mind having to record the video a second time. :) Looking forward to more, keep it up! 


Hi Cryptic Hybrid!

So glad you enjoyed Hyss! :D 
Thank you for making a video and giving such a positive review, it means a lot to us!



You have a solid base with this alpha, it's been a lovely surprise this weekend. :) 


Let me start off by saying I LOVE THIS GAME! I think you have something so unique and cool and cute! I absolutely love this crazy duo and the way you make us use them, I love this weird story with the cow queen and the fairies, its just everything I never knew I needed. And let me tell you slapping around those cows and then making them fall in love with you is quite the interesting power we have 😂The puzzles are straight forward and you don't have to do anything over the top to figure it out, I love the art style and cows running and the little world you've created. My only complaint is that this isn't a full game because I NEED it and I can not wait to play it! I have no idea why this isn't at the top of the itch page because you guys seriously killed it. Do you have an social media where you post updates on your game or would itch be the best place? 

Developer (2 edits)

Hello Angelique!

Sorry for the late response, we are so busy chasing cows at this late stage of development that your wonderful comment got lost in the chaos!

Thank you so much for your comment and for making a video of Hyss :D We are so glad that you liked it, and the video was great!
You can follow us on social media through these links:
We are putting up a Discord Server for some community building next week too, we will share an invite on our social media channels. Come join us! 

Hyss will soon be ready for release, we just have some finishing touches left to do! Stay tuned for a release date.