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Hey TripG87!

Glad you're enjoying it, and we appreciate you making a video even with the encoder issues!

Glad you like it! A tip: there's a shop where you can buy new moves and stuff :) Also, the "bird" button switches games modes.

Nice! :D

Hi Talamann!

I'm so glad that you liked it, and nice video :D. We have a lot of stuff planned so you'll see an update for the game pretty soon!


Hi Zach!

Thanks for your feedback. We played Iron Snout now and the movement was pretty interesting so we'll have that in mind for sure, thank you for the tip :)

The baddest of thugs, yes! 

Hi Loki!

I really enjoyed your video, and I can tell that you liked Scrambled (which makes us super happy!). Don't worry about self-advertising or whatever. We see this as a collaboration, you guys helps us show off Scrambled and we try to help you get more views on your videos! Everyone wins :). If it's ok with you I could share your video later on our social media channels?

And remember to keep a good tone in the comments guys. Feel free to discuss as you like and give each other feedback, but make sure to be nice to one another. Spread the love!

Have a great day!


Hi Temmieneko!

Thank you for playing, we're glad you enjoyed it :) Yeah it's a bit empty now (we've only been developing it for a few weeks) but we have big plans for it. Our plan is to verify the core idea and get feedback from you guys before we work with it too much, then we can add all the juicy stuff :D


Scrambled is an early prototype of a rhythm based beat 'em up between bread and eggs, because that makes sense... Try it out and tell us what you think!


Hyss community · Created a new topic Bug Reports / Support

If you need any help or want to report a bug, please join our Discord server or send us an e-mail for a quick reply!


Discord Invite:

Hyss community · Created a new topic Screenshots and Videos

Feel free to post screenshots and videos of Hyss!

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Hello Angelique!

Sorry for the late response, we are so busy chasing cows at this late stage of development that your wonderful comment got lost in the chaos!

Thank you so much for your comment and for making a video of Hyss :D We are so glad that you liked it, and the video was great!
You can follow us on social media through these links:
We are putting up a Discord Server for some community building next week too, we will share an invite on our social media channels. Come join us! 

Hyss will soon be ready for release, we just have some finishing touches left to do! Stay tuned for a release date.



Hi Cryptic Hybrid!

So glad you enjoyed Hyss! :D 
Thank you for making a video and giving such a positive review, it means a lot to us!


Hello wolftooth!
So glad you liked Hyss, and thank you for making a video. We really appreciate it :)

Post all your amazing suggestions and ideas for Hyss here, and we will check them out! :D

Hyss Alpha Demo community · Created a new topic Bug Reports

Submit your bug reports here!

Try not to post duplicate reports. Instead you can up vote other similar bug reports  so that we can find easily locate the most severe bugs.

Here you can post screenshots and youtube videos of Hyss! 

Angry fairies, an abducted herd of cows and a devastated cow queen.
Help Vilde and Grusa solve the fairies’ tricky puzzles and save the cows!

Download Demo:

That's great, thank you very much! :D


Hyss  is a light hearted adventure inspired by norse folklore where you follow two friends on their daily mischiefs.

Come face to face with norse creatures such as Gloson, a vicious supernatural sow, and Lindormen, the greedy king of snakes, to take back your precious lost items. Explore the swedish folklore and nature in different perspectives as you switch between two main characters.