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Hi , just played half an hour, and the story is amazing, great characters design as well.

Can anyone tell me which character is romanceable right now (version 0.65),  I like Nasir, but it seems he's not romanceable?

very cute game, I hope you can make this game longer , like an hour, and sell on steam. really love it.

It is a very beautiful and interesting game, I love it. here is my gameplay video.

Wow,  I had a lof of fun playing it. the art style is incredible. It's like watching a cartoon series while playing. The up blue down red dodge system does require fast reflex speed and I died multiple time. But the skip battle opintion is very thoughtful. I like it.

here is my gameplay

Very good game. But it can be much better. The minion fight basically just repeat pressing X button.(I use xbox controller)The enemy can do heavy attack (the red light attack), but I can not? I hope main character can do heavy attack too, like hold "X" button then release to broke enemy's block.

The parry is hard to use, just have to wait for the moment, if you against one enemy, no problem, but if you against 3, the parry seems useless. I think if do the parry like Assassin's Creed, it would be much better. just my opinion.

When the enemy dies, it feels not very realistic.

OK enough about the negative things, I like this game, I really do . It has a  potencial to be a great game. the level design, the graphics, the characters, environmental interactions and the dialogue are all awesome. I can't believe you are only 8 students and made this, It looks much like a Ubisoft game.  haha.

Here is my gameplay

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First of all, I love your game, I did a lot of puzzle related games before .Some of the puzzles in this game are a little difficult but not very difficult and this is good, cause you dont want the puzzles to be too difficult, It will scare people away, I gave up a few puzzle games before just because I cant solve them.You guys nailed it

The graphics , the character design ,the sound effect and the level design are very good.  I haven't encounter bugs yet.

 I use xbox controller and I feel a little weired ,something is off but I cant really tell.Maybe because of that I feel the character moves a little bit like a tank, a little slow,not very smooth. The boss fight is very interesting,and who could thought you can make the boss looks so adorable,and the way you beat it , LOL.   I hope the minion fight would be more challenging. If you decide to do so I hope there is key binding opintion. I do feel more comfortable using "B " button to roll instead of "LB+A" for an intense fight.

Above all  This is a very good game.

Here is my video and this is my second run.