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Very good game. But it can be much better. The minion fight basically just repeat pressing X button.(I use xbox controller)The enemy can do heavy attack (the red light attack), but I can not? I hope main character can do heavy attack too, like hold "X" button then release to broke enemy's block.

The parry is hard to use, just have to wait for the moment, if you against one enemy, no problem, but if you against 3, the parry seems useless. I think if do the parry like Assassin's Creed, it would be much better. just my opinion.

When the enemy dies, it feels not very realistic.

OK enough about the negative things, I like this game, I really do . It has a  potencial to be a great game. the level design, the graphics, the characters, environmental interactions and the dialogue are all awesome. I can't believe you are only 8 students and made this, It looks much like a Ubisoft game.  haha.

Here is my gameplay