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I thought this game was absolutely ADORABLE! I don't know why you don't have so much more attention on this game, I liked that it had a similar feel to little nightmares with the side scrolling game play, the fact that we're small and a few puzzles, but with that being said I don't feel like you copied it in any way. I was blown away with the fact that hey, we're paper but more than that we actually had to "learn" how to turn into the paper ball, and the frog, it was perfection! I only have two small complaints about this game, the fact that when you are walking on a plank (in the stair area) It was a bit frustrating to have to wiggle back and fourth with the controls to get across it, I wish the camera angle straightened out so we could just run across it easily, my second complaint is that it's too short! I think the environment, the art style, the mechanics, everything is just so good, I really hope you plan on doing something bigger with this cause I would be all over it! You've seriously made such a great concept and I would love to see what this could be blown out on a bigger scale with more of a story! Great work! 

We're really happy that you enjoyed our game, we'll be updating it and adding more content to it soon!

awesome I can't wait!