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Hello, the free demo of A Tale Of Paper isn't available anymore. Nowadays we are working on the project to improve it and make it longer. You will have to wait until we release the full version of the game. Be sure to follow us in our social media so you don't miss on any news. Fresh and new things are coming. Stay Tuned!

The spider level is now fixed! We launched an update some days ago fixing the collisions and other bugs.

It's only for windows right now, but we might work on an iOS build in the future

That’s weird, try having the files exctracted in a folder otherwise we don’t know what the issue might be. Tell us when it’s working for you, if not we’ll try to see what might cause the problem.

Thank you! We really hope that you can play it so you can tell us what you think ;) 

That's really weird... We have no idea what can be causing that isuue, sorry :(

Thank you, we're happy you enjoyed our little game :) !

Glad you liked it! And yes we are aware of those bugs, we'll upload an update that should fix the main bugs/issues we had!

Thank you!

Glad you enjoyed it :D! About the gamepad imputs, we'll uplad an update soon with gamepad compatibility and it should work fine!

The movement shouldn't work like that, it must be a bug. Today we will post a new updated version of the game with gamepad compatibility and it should work fine.

Glad you liked it!

Thank you for the kind words, we're really glad you enjoyed our game!

We're glad you enjoyed our game! And the thing you mention about the stairs level we are aware of it, but we find it kind of "funny" so we don't plan on removing it at the moment :P. Anyway, thanks for the feedback!

We're really happy that you enjoyed our little game!

Can't seem to find the issue, the claimable option only appears for reedemable keys but our game is free therefore there's no key for it needed. If you know how this problem could be solved please tell us!

Yes, we are aware of the problems the collisions are causing on that level and we're working on fixing it! 

Thanks for the feedback, we are working on fixing some issues and adding more stuff to the game. We're really glad you enjoyed our game!

We're really glad you enjoyed it, thank you!

We're really happy that you enjoyed our game, we'll be updating it and adding more content to it soon!

Thank you! We're really glad you enjoyed or little game!

Done! Thank you :)

Thank you so much for the kind words! We are really happy that you enjoyed the game and also thanks for sharing it in such a positive way.

Thank you for this! Really appreciate the feedback, we will be updating the game fixing some issues and improving some parts of certain levels.