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Very creepy but very cool, I like the idea alot, I think there's something so forbidden and "scary" about not only witchcraft but the fact that she's the daughter of someone in high power. I think this could be made into a full game and maybe more of a mind game where the witch is playing tricks on him while he's in her lair (and it sounds like she's been down here for quite some time, I think we should have seen it be a little more "homey" as homey as a witch would make it) I would have really liked to see more definition between the cave tunnels, and more areas that seemed like you were going in circles since that's what the notes were telling us (that the men felt like they were going in circles) that also makes me feel like we should never have seen a "doorway" out, maybe that was a mind game/trick for her to catch us, but I would have loved some more darkness in this game, but I still had fun and some good scares while playing it! I hope you do more with this game and I can't wait to see what you do next!