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I think you have some really strong concepts, but I think some things need to be fixed, I cant wait until there are voice actors so I can listen instead of talk, even though this is a demo I would have really liked to be able to press the sentences after I read them so I wasn't missing anything. Switching back and forth between the times had me a bit confused at times, but I think things look great when they are actually switched. I do love how you used switching between the times though, I liked using the film roll and having to fix up the stands in the attic, I thought that was phenomenal transitioning. And even if they each got me I would like to see you use the mannequin in more ways like the shadow on the wall that lead to the bathroom, I think more of a scare comes from it just being there or around you or in the corner of the room just watching you, even if you have the occasional jump scare it makes it feel like something more sinister is at work. I am interested in the story though, I hope its way more than just like hey they had a haunted mannequin, I'm wondering if it was a child that may have been abused in the family, and thats why that one is broken and cracked compared to the pretty clean family ones, maybe it was something from around the time of the "past" I think you have something very cool! I can't wait to see what this can become when its cleaned up! Great job