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This game has a strange feeling to it, I'm pulled in with the story line of her being sick and someone taking over the institution it makes me believe theres something going on within herself that she may not be aware of, I think the third person style is just fine, but there were some parts where turning the camera angle felt absolutely crazy like I was spinning, and I almost has a motion sickness feeling, thankfully it didn't get to that point. I didn't finish the game so I don't know what else you have to offer but I will be making a second episode, what I did see is the creepy "dog" and some interesting creatures,  I like the way they look and I got super excited because they gave me silent hill vibes! I think it would have been more fun and challenging if we couldn't just circle them and be gone, I felt like they were a little slow so there was no threat, even in the room with multiple of them, but of course you don't want them going so fast you feel like it's spam, but i'm sure you could find a happy medium. I wish I could have seen some of the controls pop up on the screen instead of me having to pull up the pause screen everytime to see what controls I need for the actions i'm trying to do. I did have a small thing that frustrated me was right at the end of my video before I do my outro, I did die (AND NO SAVES ;-;) but I was pressing the attack/melee button and she didn't attack the girl until I died and that was pretty upsetting, but the only other issue I have is the game became quite dark at times and I felt like the flashlight bobbing everywhere with her motion was irritating. But you have so much opportunity and cool things to do here, I loved the balls of poison gas or fog, I love the fact that there's arms and tokens every where, I didn't get to use the vending machine but I'm excited to try it! I think you've made some really cool environments and there's just something I like about this game as a whole, I think you have a lot of potential here and I hope there's more to this game that is not wrapped up in the demo!