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Really fun concept, I enjoyed the thought that the girlfriend was kidnapped and now you're being kidnapped as well, I think it would be pretty cool if the girlfriend was in on it, of course this being a demo you can't show more involvement with the girlfriend. I did go back to the room and pressed both buttons, I don't know if thats a thing of ease right now or if you truly have no intention of killing the character, I was really interested to see how we would have died though. And I absolutely LOVED the sunflower room, I think its a peak into the mindset of whoever is doing this, whether it be somewhat childish, somewhat pretty, a peak into where this is located, etc. I would have really loved to see that room stay gorgeous but be darker, I think the clash of beauty and terror is something that should be in so many more games, but I think its hard to do, I think you've hit it though. I love the concept of having the spider chase us, but I wish it was a bit more realistic, maybe the sunflowers are a bit poisonous or hallucinogenic and that's why we see the spider, but what I thought would have just been the cherry on top was because the sunflowers are already growing in patches I thought it would have been so cool to see them growing out of body bags like... ughhh that would have been so good. But I am super excited to see where you go with this and I think you'll go far! I'll be looking for updates :) Great job!