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Insomnis, it comes at you very strong comparing itself to games like Amnesia the dark decent and PT, those are two HUGE titles to live up to, I don't feel like the game has a similar feeling to Amnesia or PT, but it wasn't bad because of that. Issues that I have with this game are few but in need of fixing, after reading a few other reviews of this game it's clear that most of the game audience has no idea we are supposed to be this character Dante, and has no idea we are somehow related to the girl that is missing or is sexual abused. Maybe something that would help with that is subtitles, I know there were subtitles in the room where you have to move pictures around to grab a tape, but if there's any sort of dialogue coming from the radios I completely missed it, and I could not make out what the girl was saying towards the end in my original play through, when I went back and edited the video, I could sit and listen to it (I wrote what I think it said in my video to help my viewers) but i'm thinking about the people who are just playing and not getting the chance to listen again. The last bit of talking *SPOILERS* when you put your hand in the hole in the wall I was still struggling to figure out what she was saying *SPOILERS OVER* Continuing to talk about the painting room, I don't feel like it's a bad idea, but I feel like some of the pictures could be changed, I tried to listen to what the recording said, the first word that popped out to me was blind, so in the first picture having what looks like two men without eyes I really thought that was the one and couldn't quite relate the pictures to their words, after figuring it out I could see how they could fit a bit more, but in the first play through I felt like I was just mindlessly pulling the levers for a little bit. Now enough with the negative, you have me SO SO SO SO SO intrigued, when it comes to darker stories I am immediately pulled in, so having these news paper clips of sexual abuse inside an orphanage has so many thoughts bouncing around in my head about what happened and was it someone in the orphanage, someone that adopted her, and so on. I think you've made an absolutely gorgeous game, I love the clash of colors, blue vs pink anything across the color wheel and i'm sold, I also am seriously in love with the flashlight, it's stunning and I would love something like that in real life, where did the concept for that come from because it's so cool? I thought the water on the floors was done flawlessly, and the long hallway with the crosses was nerve racking, so environmentally there's nothing I can point to and say fix that. The ending has me a bit confused but so much more intrigued, why the fuck would we do that? And is that going to play into the next section of the game? Is this little girl playing mind games with us and playing us to get to her? Are we really just seeing things like the ghost? Are we really the abuser but we still care about her and trying to get her back? There's just so many options to play with in this game and I can not wait to see what you are going to do with this. Once the story is polished, I can really see this blowing up. One thing that helps me when creating stories (I'm an author) Is knowing that I know everything that I want to happen, I know every character and where the story is and where it's going, but if you go through your work, really look and see what the audience is getting out of it. We are a blank slate soaking up all of this information for the first time with no knowledge about what's going on or where it's leading, make us understand, give us all the small details you think we might not need. But I hope I could help, and I really hope you continue to work on this game because I would love to see what happens with this game in the future! -Alexia

First of all, Thank you for playing our game. We will have in consideration your review of Insomnis the bad and the good of course. We are now working on an upgrade and introducing more lore, two endings and clues for understand the paintings puzzle. Yes, indeed they are related with Dante and we wanted to compare the Dante's travel into the Hell with our character.

About the idea of the flashlight being a ballerina it's a idea that we had because a lot of games use a common flashlight, also it represents the girl that appears at the ending of our game. Stay tuned about the next update, we are going to make the story much bigger and you will understand a lot of things. 


The team of Path Games.

I very much look forward to it! On the topic of Dante, is it supposed to relate to Dante Alighieri at all? Or just the same name?