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Of course, combat against combat medics will be in the Bowling Criminalley DLC.

We tried to find a middle ground with the controls between realism and responsiveness but you are right, they're not perfect. The animations are mostly DoTween animations playing on Unity GameObjects because we didn't have an animator, it's a good way to save time in game jams. Thank you for playing our game!

Alas, what are the moral implications of a human pondering this scenario while playing it as a game for enjoyment? Anyway, thank you for playing, glad you liked it!

great job!

thank you, happy you like it!


screenshots of gameplay?

thanks for comment, download available now

Haha ;D

Thank you for checking out the page anyway

Thank you!

I pushed the button

Looks cool, where can I play it?

s k a t e

This is a great game, simple but engaging. Good work!

Hi, thanks for making this game, I really enjoyed it. My final score was 111. I didn't quite get the yellow hexagon, is that what gives you special powers? Anyway I liked it, it felt arcady but like a unique twist on the defender-style game.

I think this is a really cute game. I really appreciate small touches you added like the shader so I could see when I was behind a wall. The heart feedback for making new penguin friends was also really nice. One aspect that irritated me was that I thought the bonfires worked like checkpoints but I could only go back to the main menu after dying which was frustrating.

Hi I really enjoyed this game but I had an issue when I was talking to pinky about a book. The text box became empty and I couldn't continue anymore. Other than that it was really fun, thanks.

quality assurance rise up! We must overthrow the regime!

It is for windows, I should have specified this. I am sorry for the confusion, I have fixed it now.

Yeah I see in the rules: 

If you are not a part of the community then this jam is not for you.

My name is NeoTalon in the Discord as well, there's some posts from a previous game.

Right now it is mandatory multiplayer.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out our game. We appreciate your feedback.

Cool Game :)

Thank you for your kind words, I'm glad you liked it.



Good stuff, We'll be sure to make use of our nerdy knowledge prowess!

I should not have baid 800 Million $ for this, why have you done this to me?