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కాంతి నీడ Kanti NidaView game page

An action/shooter with a young boy fighting the darkness he fears
Submitted by Linked Rooms Games (@linked_rooms) — 4 hours, 24 minutes before the deadline
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కాంతి నీడ Kanti Nida's page


Ranked 67th with 3 votes

People's Choice Vote#673

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    Graphics were custom and looked very nice. Mapping is a bit sparse but what was there looked good and made sense visually.

    The writing has a lot of grammatical and some spelling errors littered through it, with a lot of punctuation errors too. It's hard sometimes to make out what is being said and this isn't helped by the font which can be a bit hard to read too (especially in windowed mode). The story itself is basically waking up and wanting to talk to sister, but being scared of the monsters. It's... there. Dialogue felt rather flat too, probably due to the writing issues prevalent through-out the game.

    Sound is used well - it fits where used and isn't jarring in any way.

    The music is also used decently, what there is of it. It's fine.

    The action posts are quite nice.

    Even in full screen it can be hard to see anything especially when you're back in the house again.

    Gameplay consists of running around and interacting with stuff until you find your way. Then there's shooting added in.

    The movement looks and feels fluid, with an after-movement affect to help with that illusion. It feels nice to move. The shooting is also quite good, though the button for shooting is a bit of a bother if you're using the wasd set-up (being as it's set to s).

    Monsters are a OHKO, meaning game over on one hit. Some monsters move devilishly fast ending in a lot of game overs, even if they die in one shot.

    The game is nice to walk around and the fluid movement is also nice and takes a bit of the frustration out of the story being a bit mangled. One hit death encounters, though, are never not an annoyance, especially when they move faster than you, making it impossible to actually turn around and shoot. Even more so when they're almost impossible to see in the darkness that covers everything in black.

    The theme of the game should be dying because I had to give up on getting past one room that kept killing me over and over and over and over and...

    The theme of the game is exploration and 'seeking', and for the most part it does a decent job of giving you reason to look around and interact with stuff (even if the writing does take out a large part of the incentive).


  • Theme

    It’s a horror game about the boogeyman I think. So far as a horror game it works with the slow burn. Since this game is incomplete, there’s not much to think about it.


    Functions well but the design of the encounters is dumb especially since you can’t quick turn and the enemies move fast, blends in the dark and OHKO you. It’s unnecessarily frustrating. It is even worse when you realize you get the same map and battle after this which is just to pad the gameplay.


    Surprisingly really polished for the most part. After the first encounter it falls flat on its face though as it reuses the same corridor and map for 2nd encounter. I also noticed that the main character sprite is basically hyper light drifter which was an interesting choice especially considering the level of detail the maps have.


    I would love to see this finished. It has a lot of potential.

    Total – 63/80

Team Members
- Marco "Ally" Camedda
- Simone "Macbeth" Granata
- Davide "Mishima" Isimbaldi
- Anthony "Chaucer" Padilla

RPG Maker MV

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Haven't even finished it yet and I'm already enjoying it so much :D 


Thanks a lot! We are glad you like our game for this Game Jam! :)