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Thanks for taking my feedback into consideration..

Surely many will appreciate!

I look forward to your other creations!

Great news!  💪

Thank you for taking my feedback into account!

Waiting for news!

Many people work in 16x16 resolution..

Even missing the details it would fit the project better :D

But it's just a personal thought ^^

Good job!

Will you do a 16x16 version?

Thank you! Really appreciate it! :D

Oh, fantastic! Thanks 😊 

Oh, really? it would be great but most of all a great help for developers..

I await this change ^^

Thanks 😁

I bought this pack because it is for me :D

I could enlarge the images but the difference in the ratio of the image in a pixel art game is too noticeable..

So I was wondering if you could release an update by expanding the backgrounds to at least a compatible version to a 480x270 (1280x720) screen..

These wallpapers are really cool!

Will you release a larger version of them to be able to use them in larger areas?

Oh, fantastic, thanks, I can’t wait 😁 

WOAH, thanks for sharing! 🙏 

If is possible, can you share also the tileset?

Oh, ok, thanks 😊 

oh, thank you..

Feel free to write me on my email: linkedroomsgames[at]

We can talk about it!

Use Unity 😁

Hi, i've buy this and thank you, all graphics are fantastic!
It possibile to have a complete spritesheet (i use game maker)?
It would be very useful to have it in order not to have to recreate all the graphics in a template..

You’re welcome 😁

We only changed the engine and created a totally graphic restyle.

Ehi :)

All the script are totally custom ;)

Thank you for trying the game! :)
I had a lot of fun creating something completely different from the usual games created with this engine!

Very soon I will update the project with new corrections :D

Stay tuned!

Thanks for the comment, Colin :)

The speed of play has been further accelerated, and many things have been corrected.
I hope to release an update as soon as possible!

Hi everyone,

Linked Rooms announce:

the old demos released with RPG Maker they will not be supported!

Continue to follow us for further developments!

Thanks for reply!

Its possible to use in another engine?

Asap, I send you the correct file ;)

Ehi Kananturk,

Do you have open the first or the second demo?

Thanks a lot! We are glad you like our game for this Game Jam! :)

Thanks a lot! :) it's really appreciated

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Thanks a lot for appreciating our work! Of course you can, it's always good to have some help! And don't forget to vote for the game into the IGMC contest page if you want :)

Thanks a lot! :D sorry for the late reply but we are working HARD to complete the new version of the game on RPG Maker MV (the actual demos are for RPG Maker Vx Ace) with bigger resolution, 16:9 fullscreen and a brand-new combat/stealth system polished :)

Hey there :) thanks for your interest in our game! So if you download the game you get this issue? You extract and you get nothing?

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Thank you for your compliments!

All scripts within the game were created ad hoc for the project ;)

Stay tuned because not long, we will release interesting updates!

- LR Team

Thanks Mikey! The next update will be HUGE as we are porting the game on RPG Maker MV with 16:9 fullscreen, bigger resolution and size and a brand new combat/stealth mechanism!

Hey thanks RunDeniRun! That's a BIG compliment :D you will be amazed by the new version we are working on: the overall game will be polished and working better, along with improved 16:9 graphics and bigger resolution!

Thanks GrannyJo! We are making A LOT of changes and the actual version will feature brand-new combat system, new stealth system and better visuals :)

When we will release the complete game it will be our top priority to port Fleshforward to MV :)

Hey there Sight21! We are using RPG Maker Vx Ace for this game :) MV is great but it doesn't have all support/scripts (or plugins in this case)/tilesets we need. But for the future we will surely use MV as main engine

Hey there, thanks for playing our demo and for the video gameplay you made! Can you please send us at your PC information? We are working on the second demo but we will of course fix some technical issues

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Ehi Zyler, thank you for appreciating our game! It's just the first demo, soon we will release the second demo and the complete version will feature around 8-10 hours of game!

Stay tuned and follow us for the next release with the second playable character!