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A jam entry

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Four Heroines saving the day in a strange world!
Submitted by Innocenceイノセンス (@innocenceversus) with 1 day, 3 hours before the deadline

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  • This game seems like it had a ways to go before being finished. Character designs are nice and colorful but it’s bizarre that they can only face down while moving. Also, the coloring on Arinna’s battler might need some work too since right now it looks like she is moving the camera. I really like the environments, but for now the encounter rate is a little high and it takes a long time to kill all the goblins even though they pose very little threat. I think the characters should start with at least one skill to mix it up a little bit. 

    Score: 27/80

RPG Maker MV

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1) While, I like the designs of the bodysuits.  I'll have to agree with Jake in that the walking animations are comically bad.

2) On the other hand, I found the battles tedious not because they were slow, but because it was too easy to simply slaughter everyone in your way with magical spells that hit the entire enemy party.

3) It's a bit weird that the final boss is weaker then the dragon you need to take out in order to reach her.

4) And I'm not entirely happy with the designs of the maps.  They feel a bit too much like linked hallways for my liking.


I really love the art style for this - but there's a few things that really put me off of this. The battles are tedious and incredibly slow and every time I had to watch the characters walk/move I laughed because it literally looks like they're moonwalking everywhere. I love girl power games so I do hope you improve this - but right now it's super rough around the edges.


Greetings Jake,

You wouldn't believe how fast time goes in a Jam like this one, we appreciate you took your time to give us feedback for our project.
Both the battles and the simple funky walking animations, have the mechanics and the visuals you experienced because we had to get the whole thing working and some parts simply couldn't be polished enough for the race against the clock. Do not fear inaction though! We still have some things we would like to improve for the game which I hope will make the experience better for you.