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A jam entry

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A Kitten's Adventure
Submitted by JAF with 5 hours, 47 minutes before the deadline

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RPG Maker MV

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I'm one of the many people out there that is a sucker for cats so I had to try this one. Great characters/art with the three cats. But some of the collecting earlier on isn't very intuitive. Took me awhile to discover some of the shiny objects. Perhaps there could've been a couple more extra than you actually need hidden throughout the map so if one wasn't clear to someone they'd have a chance of stumbling on another. Then I flat out couldn't get the key in the bedroom to work. I don't know what the exact trigger for that is but I clicked everything and couldn't get that stool to move like the playthrough posted below.


Thank you for testing our game and commenting about it.

About the Bedroom... You need to interact with every piece of furniture inside of it (only the ones in the bedroom), so 19. The bed must be interacted with from every tile (4 interactions). After all that you can move the stools to get access to the key.


1) This game can be made unbeatable by the fact that the rodent will still take shiny objects from the player even if he is giving the player information they already have.  Though, I've only ever experienced this glitch if I've asked the rodent to previously open the door while not having enough shiny objects.

2) The section where you get chased by the boulders should probably include a better indicator on where to go.  Since, it's not entirely obvious that you need to take the final downward path in order to advance into the final area.  Plus, it might be wise to tell the player to save before that section.  Since, if you get caught by the boulders it will lead to an instant game over.  And your bound to get caught more then a few times while trying to clear the area.


Thank you for the notes, review and videos.

It helps a lot to watch your playthrough and hear your impressions about our game to improve later.