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I'll be blunt.  This game is awful.


1) The game has a lot of cut-off text, which can make understanding the plot rather difficult at times.

2) The enemies range from super easy to frustratingly hard.  Seriously, you'll be in dungeon cleaning house with little to no problems only to reach the boss and have it dole out hits that are more then fifty to hundred times more powerful then the enemies within the dungeon in question.  So, the game has a serious issue with balance.

3) The bosses are fond of spamming status like confusion and sleep.  And since the player's party is comprised of a single character there is no way to remove those status beyond waiting for them to wear off.  Add in the fact, that the one major boss I ran across was faster then the player.  And you have a recipe for cheap game overs.

4) You can turn over an infinite number of wooden staffs to a guy in the far north for fire wood.  Since, the game never removes any of them from your inventory.  On the plus side, this does provide a safe and effective method for level grinding in order to take on the bosses.  On the downside, you only earn a small amount of experience from exploiting this glitch.  So, it's not effective means to move forward unless you have hours to dumb into it.

5) The game ends with you trapped in brewery with no apparent away to either escape or advance the game's plot.

Thanks! I know what to more harder on now.