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Lobthe magical girlView game page

A new magical girl has been chose, and she must try to do her best
Submitted by lobthe — 10 hours, 13 minutes before the deadline

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1) The mapping in this game is just awful, and in a lot of cases its completely nonsensical.  A good example of this is the mall where you enter it by coming into contact with what appears to be a solid wall.

2) I actually managed to recruit a character and stumble into plot point about a demon's nest that I didn't even know about.

3) The dialogue in this games suffers from a lot of grammatical and syntactical errors.  So much so that I honestly find the game's dialogue a real chore to read through.

4) A lot of the early battles are so easy that I'm not even sure why they exist.  This is especially true of the bees and spiders which are entirely unable to damage the party.

5) You can cast a massive buffing spell both outside of combat and for free.  As such you can enter every battle in this game with a massive buff to all of your stats.  Plus you regain MP when you use the buff spell.  So you can easily abuse it for free healing outside of battle.

6) You can cast offensive spells through the game's menu as well.  A fact which makes no sense.  Since, it doesn't have any impact on the game besides allowing the player to spend all of their MP for no reason.

7) If you decide to not invade the demon's nest with lobthe and the rest of the gang in toe.  You'll be left with an image of lobthe over the game screen for no apparent reason.

8) The game really should end after the scene with the girls discussing if they should have ice cream, cookies, or ice cream sandwiches after defeating the "d lord".