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Submitted by Spartan717 — 7 days, 16 hours before the deadline

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  • This feels like a first game and in that respect, it’s pretty solid. Outdoor maps are good but indoor maps seem far too long. In particular, the armor store in the first town seems to be the size of a Wal-Mart. Battles got challenging quickly although I wish there was a greater variety of skills, particularly for the healer. Not a bad effort, keep RMing!

    Score: 38/80

RPG Maker VX Ace

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- The game wouldn't allow me to leave town even after killing the orc at the bottom of the mines.  And, yes I did stop and chat with the guy in charge of the miners before I tried to leave town.

- If you reenter the mines after taking out the Orc your forced to take multiple steps forward by the game and then become stuck on a wall.


Thanks for letting me know :).

I'll fix it asap.




1)  The price jumps on the weapons and armor in this game are rather ridiculous.  Seriously, if your going to be jumping in price from 500 to 2,000 I'd expect a difference in attack on the weapons to be far greater then 4 points.

2) While the regular enemies are pretty easy, most of the bosses are so tough you'll be hard pressed to damage them.  So much so that makes the game feel like it drags unnecessarily.  On the plus side their so magically and physically weak they'll be hard pressed to do meaningful damage to the party.  So, you'll basically end in a near stalemate with them.

3) The ending curveball about the Dark Lord feels rather tacked on.  And isn't particularly welcome in my opinion.  Though others may disagree.


Thanks for the review. :)


Congratulations on completing your entry! 


Thank you :D