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The Ridiculously Unhinged Mutant PresidentView game page

Take a satirical romp through the alien-infested neurons of the US President..
Submitted by Denne — 4 hours, 14 minutes before the deadline
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Ranked 67th with 3 votes

People's Choice Vote#673

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  • Disqualified because saving causes the game to crash

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RPG Maker MV

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1)  Honestly, this game isn't all that funny.  Though, I suppose it doesn't help that almost every topic in here has been hit by the late night comedy shows at length and in depth.  So, there really isn't anything new here for the most part.

2)  This game really would have benefited from having a saving system that works.  Or at the very least it should have included automatic save points after every boss.

This is such a hoot and so relevant for today's political climate! I especially enjoyed the original charicature's of the "enemies" - brilliant!

So, too political and not funny enough for me. That being said, I enjoyed the twist. Overall pretty cool