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I really really like this! It was a short but fun game! I love this type of game (I'm a Harvest Moon and Rune factory fanatic especially haha) and tbh I didn't have a lot of expectations when I started playing the game but wow! I liked seeing the manor slowly getting more and more beautiful! By the end I can say I was really feeling accomplished!
But I was also a bit sad by the end thinking I wasn't going to be able to complete the game by the last day because I was missing the daily profit mission and the other to get the 20000$ overall.. and aww day 10 is here and I had just gotten my boatman the previous day! So I was able to go to the rock! And I found it!! And then the paintings! And then my hot buttler (that likes cats!) told me I was able to profit 1400$ that day! And then the art expert comes! And then I'M RICH!! I was able to finish! yay!!0
Overall: I loved playing this. I thought the story was nice. And as I already said the mansion looked beautiful by the end. The system to set the bedrooms furniture was really clever! I didn't find any kind of event to do with the wine really, dunno if I missed it. But I wish I could see our guests talking more about the amenities the next day. About how the bed was soft or how they got drunk by the lake? haha Or how the food was so good they would have to come back the next day. Or how the maid was really cute? I dunno. lol I just wished for more randomness I guess. Oh and maybe some cute guys that our main character might find reallyyy niceee too, you know? ;)
Anyway. I really hope you'll do more with this game, it was really nice already but it has a lot of potential and I would love to play moreee! Let me know if you do make anything else, I'll definitely want to play it! ^^
Good luck with the contest! You got my vote!  

Thanks for playing and for your feedback! I'm glad you liked it, and the suggestion to add conversation based on the amenities, for instance, is a good one and something I'd like to add in a future version of the game. But I'm not sure what you meant by any events to do with the wine? (I actually don't recall any wine in the game, but that's probably just my memory not kicking in properly.)

I can't check in the game right now but I think it was in the amenities list. It was one of the first available with breakfast and firewood
I remember playing the game really late in the night though so maybe I was dreaming, dunno. XD

Ah, thanks, I remember now. :) There weren't any events related to the wine so you didn't miss anything, it was just an amenity that was available from the start. (Though initially I had wanted the player to discover a cellar full of wine, but didn't have enough time to implement that.)

I'm glad I didn't miss any wine events! hehe
A wine cellar would be so cool! I would love to see that! 
If you continue with the game or add anything new, let me know! I would love to play it!