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Thanks for playing and glad you liked it!

Thanks for playing and for the insightful review! The game is meant to be light-hearted; although I do try to weave in issues such as lobbying, monopolies, changing the law rather than changing the individual, being arrested for petty things that might not ordinarily be viewed as crimes, etc, I didn't want the game to be a heavy-handed experience in these topics.

From a social point of view, rehabilitation is one of the many goals of imprisonment (probably the most idealistic one, with the other goals being punishment, deterrence, and incapacitation), and so this game takes the optimistic route. I guess it's also a traditional role-playing game in the sense that your quests are to help the NPCs in some manner. :)

Sorry to hear that you had a glitch with the fonts - not sure what caused that. Just curious, was the game being played in fullscreen mode (from pressing F4)? Hopefully it's not a common problem!

Thanks for playing and for your feedback!

Here's your Secret Santa review! I think the premise is intriguing (the Princess has been transported to a world where people don't care) and I'd be curious as to how she solves this. This was my first time playing an RPG Maker game with on-map battles, so that was interesting too although the battles themselves were pretty simple (as long as you heal up now and then). I never got the chance to use the lightning spirit because I'd gotten rid of all the enemies by the time I got it. I also thought there were some nice funny touches, e.g., crashing on the couch at the inn and its consequences, and I liked the fountain show!

Some gameplay feedback:

  • Although I could navigate with the mouse, I couldn't talk to some people with it, e.g., the person in the police retail shop. The mouse didn't work with the rotational menu either (nothing happened when I clicked on something). So it seemed like the game was designed with the keyboard in mind, and it would helpful if there was an in-game message about that.
  • Maps felt kinda empty (too much open space and not many interactive events). I also suggest distinguishing between things that can be interacted with, and things that cannot - e.g., I was expecting to be able to go through the door in the second map (to the south), because it looked like the other doors we could go through in the first map, so a message saying "It's locked" or "I can't enter the building" would have been useful.
  • I also suggest having different colors for the damage numbers in battles (for instance, white for damage you do to the enemy, and red for the damage they do to you). My first couple battles I wasn't clear as to whether I was doing damage or getting hurt.
  • Bug: A Big Ant appeared again in the area where I had defeated it before (close to the entrance of the second map), and didn’t seem to do anything; I couldn’t attack it, neither did it try to attack me. There was also a Beetle nearby that didn’t do anything.
  • Not sure if this was intentional or it's a bug: In the alley, there was a message about the demo ending, but it looked as though something was going to happen when the guy headed towards me, but nothing happened and I couldn’t open the menu or move or do anything after that.

Good luck with the development of your game!

Thanks for taking the time to play the game and for your review! Glad you enjoyed it. I wanted the game  to be a "nice prison game" as opposed to the usual prison-type games, but I hope to add some more complex decision-making in the future (e.g., you'd like to give the prisoners what they want, but you may not be able to afford it, or it may not be in other people's/animals' best interests to do so). Thanks again!

Here's my Secret Santa review!

I found the introductory cut-scene intriguing and the overall story was interesting as well. I thought most of the dungeon puzzles were fine (though I and another person couldn't solve the one on the left stone tablet in the room with the sunbird; I found it necessary to use the hints on the other two puzzles for this room). The mapping was good, and the graphics and music were very nice and matched the setting of the game, and I liked the windowskin as well!

Some feedback and bugs:

  • I think the skill selection screen was nice in the sense that you could see how many skills could be unlocked next, but it would be useful to see the names of the skills on the screen so that you don't have to interact with each one to know what they are. I would also show how much gold you have when choosing to purchase a skill.
  • It would be nice if the moving pieces stayed in the same place after they've been moved and you return to the same map later.
  • I hold down SHIFT very often to move faster, but this also closed messages immediately so I didn't get the chance to read some of the automatically-triggered messages. 
  • I could climb up a couple of the walls; if you would like screenshots of which walls, please PM me on the forum.
  • I would suggest showing the message about skills requiring gold only once or twice; it was a little tedious to see it every time I talked to the item merchant.
  • For the keyboard instructions and map screens, I would move the "Next" or "Close" buttons to the bottom right; it obstructed my view a little.
  • It didn't seem like the monsters had different strengths or weaknesses, so I didn't think the battles were very interesting or challenging (I just used the same skills over and over again like 'Attack' or 'Bludgeon' to get their HP down).
  • I couldn't use the multi-enemy skills ('Sweep' and 'Flurry', for example) despite having enough SP and there being multiple enemies on the screen.
  • There were minor typos throughout the game (e.g., 'increses' in the description of the 'Evade' skill; first letter of some skill descriptions was not capitalized, riddle in the room with the sunbird should be "The Sunbird flies up... the rays of its wings...", etc).
  • I thought the screen resolution was a bit small (though everything was readable and visible on my monitor), and there didn't seem to be a way to full-screen or resize the window.  Also, perhaps a different font would lend to a more immersive experience?

Anyway, I think many of these things are fixable, and I enjoyed your game in general! Good luck!

Thanks for letting me know and glad you liked it!

Thanks for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed the game! I'm planning to extend it in the next few months by adding more rooms, more guests, and more things to unlock. :)

Thanks for playing and for your feedback. I may extend the game in the future when I have more time, and your suggestions are very useful. Thanks also for letting me know about the wrong sprite. :)

Ah, thanks, I remember now. :) There weren't any events related to the wine so you didn't miss anything, it was just an amenity that was available from the start. (Though initially I had wanted the player to discover a cellar full of wine, but didn't have enough time to implement that.)

Thanks for playing and for your feedback! I'm glad you liked it, and the suggestion to add conversation based on the amenities, for instance, is a good one and something I'd like to add in a future version of the game. But I'm not sure what you meant by any events to do with the wine? (I actually don't recall any wine in the game, but that's probably just my memory not kicking in properly.)

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! Yeah, I intentionally made it so that the player gets the full storyline within an hour, but I would like to add more characters and features in the future.

I originally named the butler Jeeves but that sounded too common. There are a few references to another famous British author too. :)