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A stranger wakes up in an unfamiliar place in need of help. So who are you, stranger?
Submitted by Amudeus — 7 days, 1 hour before the deadline
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Ranked 114th with 1 vote

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    Graphically, the game used RTP assets. Mapping was very large, bare and had some issues that are common in new developers (large empty maps, no ceiling tiles, walls missing beneath some ceiling tiles, overuse of clutter tiles, etc). Despite these issues the game at least fits together visually well enough. That said, the ridiculous cave maze, created by use of the random dungeon generator, was very annoying and boring. It would have been a lot better if it had been used as a base and then edited a lot more to the developers' own ability.

    The music and sound are all default. It's use isn't anything interesting - nothing was used to enhance atmosphere but what was used fit well enough.

    The writing is where this game shines. I encountered precious few writing issues, spelling or otherwise, and the stories are each well-told. Your choice in characters changes the way the villagers interact with you as well as how the character interacts with them, often digging out different information from different people because of this. It's very well done and where this game shines most.

    I will say that I thought the last second ending felt rather tacked on an not necessary. Rounding the game up with a scene of the main character letting the village know the curse was broken would have been more than enough.

    Gameplay consisted of talking to people and battling. There were no puzzles, no shops and nothing else besides those two things. Good thing the talking was well done, then.

    Battles were a bit on the boring side. You had one skill available to you (characters each got different skills depending on their classes) and it did a fair amount of damage to the enemies you fight - enough so that it usually either killed them straight out or weakened them enough that one hit would kill them afterwards.

    For the most part the battles were easy. The only challenge came with three werewolves and that was only due to their being able to stun you. Thankfully, they never stun-locked you to death - they did very low amounts of damage and the stuns lasted only a round or two at the most. The boss at the end died within three spell casts for me, and again, didn't do too much damage. I had two elixirs and a potion by then so I wasn't too worried about dying or running out of MP, even if he did do better damage than the other enemies. It would have been nice to have had him have more life - he might have been a little more of a challenge, but I didn't even need to heal to beat him.

    There was a bug in the nymph story where she can't interact with the tree. Since she can't leave town, it halted progress and I had to restart and pick another hero instead (went with Witch, then with Vampire).

    The spells, enemies and items were all default.

    The gameplay was a bit of a let down and getting around the town was annoying due to how big it was and how it was laid out. Having another bridge to allow access at the top of the town would have helped a bit. Also, the dungeon was annoying to navigate through due to the size and how much you double-backed on yourself. It wasn't fun.

    That said, the best part of the game was talking to the villagers and seeing how they responded differently to the other characters. I quite enjoyed that aspect and it was nice to see how the game differentiated between the characters and how they were supposed to figure out where to go and what to do.

    It's hard to point out an overall theme to the game. It focussed mainly on being a fish out of water who wants to help (bar a few characters) and in that aspect the writing did well to support the idea. The villagers have a lot of commentary on your character and it was both well written and interesting.

    The mechanics, though, were very default - from the spells to the enemies to the items - and while they didn't exactly detract from the theme, they didn't really support it either.


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Oh.. well tbh the game kind of lacked some excitement.. I picked the vampiress as a character and I liked talking with the villagers and seeing their reactions (esp. the little girl that went to hide in her bed haha). But the random battles and the dungeon were a bit boring. 
For example those skeletons you put there, it would be cool to see our character reaction to them.
I was a bit sad that my awesome vampiress only had one skill! I'm so used to vampires having some sort of draining skills too.. xD
Moving around the dungeon was a pain tbh. It was huge and it had a lot of paths. 
I thought the seal keeper boss was a bit weak too.. I won that fight in like 4 or 5 rounds and only his strongest attack (that took away 400 hp!!) was a surprise. lol
The ending made all this worth it somehow though.. it was short but so unexpected! 
It got me curious to know where the story is going! :P 

Some errors and bugs I came across:
- Right at the beginning, when you are reading the description to the vampiress, at one point the portrait that shows is the one for the male vampire.
- In the world map if you enter that little house next to the village and then leave, you end up in a different spot in the map from where you were (you end up in the house across the bridge in the map actually). And then entering the house in the map next to where you end up takes you to the musician house in the village again but you stuck inside without being able to move (gotta fix this!)

Overall: The game was actually not bad, but I think the game could gain if you worked a bit more on the dungeon to make it more exciting to explore, same with the houses in the map, they were pretty much useless.
Good luck and I look forward to see a follow-up game to this one day! :)


Thank you so much for your review. I'm sorry for the bugs. I thought I had them fixed in the final version. And I kind of thought the combat might be an issue. Sorry for the boredom. It started off too hard and I guess I over corrected to make sure it was winnable. I find the damage formula a bit daunting as far as balancing everything with the enemy stats. So I just wanted to focus the game on the one thing I really hoped would be good. The story. And I'm glad you liked the ending. It wasn't in the original plan, but I felt the need to add something to let people know that there is a bigger story, I have it planned out, and that the characters didn't appear there "because reasons." It's a big thing I hope to get to tell eventually. With more exciting combat, hopefully. And should I be able to continue the vampires will absolutely have draining type abilities. I just wasn't sure that I should have them at the beginning level, and know. Bad at formulas. Haha. And of course I'll now be trying to make my dungeons more exciting/reasonably sized.

Your game seem okay for now, but there's a bug where we enter a house and teleport in the wall. You should fix it.


Thank you for your comment. I just want to make sure I found the bug you mean. Was it the one on the upper floor of the inn? Again just want to make sure I'm not missing another one.

No it was the house of the guy who dont want to be disturbed. Red hair.


I've checked every event. It's the one with the piano right? Does it happen with a specific character? Is it through the door or after you talk to him?

No we spawn there after entering a house in another village.


Are you sure you have the right game? Mine only has the one village. A few farmhouses too but they all go to the proper place.