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Ah I decided to give your game a go today. It looks gorgeous (snowy maps!!) and the story sounds so interesting!! But I can't go very far into it, there's a bug with the quest that tells you to talk with 15 villagers. I completed the quest (the quest tracker suddenly doesn't even show anymore)  but the lady that gave us the quest still says we haven't talked with everyone. :(
I hope you'll find a way to fix it and upload a new version because the game looks so nice. I really want to continue it and I'm sure I'm not the only one! ^^

Hi Kyattchan! Thank you for playing! The bug has been fixed, just not on this page. If you head to the game page, you can go and download version 1.01. It should be fixed from there, and you can finish the demo! I hope to be releasing a new demo with some updated things very soon!