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Alright, so I took a shot at this game. The game is unoptimized, to say the least. During the intro battle, I first thought the game crashed when the battle aftermath window appeared, as there was nothing happening for at least 10 seconds. I tried the other version, this time spamming ENTER and managed to progress. I returned to the earlier version, ENTER spam managed to get me through. I hit F5 and tried again, this time waiting it out. It seems like the instant level up from 1 to 61 took a longer time than I thought, so progress is possible even when waiting.

However, the next thing that put me off was the mapping. The maps were unnecessarily large, without any distinct landmarks to recognize my current location, and since this was a 'silent' game (which probably meant it had no events with any interaction) I was lost on what to do. I eventually managed to backtrack to the beginning, only to meet an ending that left me wandering what I had just played.

I'm sorry if I turned out harsher than I meant to. It's just that... well, no matter. Congratulations on finishing your game.

Thank you for playing, you just finished the fastest ending with nothing done. As for first boss, he was running and his health bar was at the lowest. Maps are large and empty to hide the bosses, skipping things like exiting a map leads to boss escape. how is this noticeable? there was some sounds repeating sometimes in first map, if you exit and return you can't hear it any more, you just lost that boss. I think with no text, it can be vague, I'm thinking to put a guide in devlog.