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The map and the style of game is good. It has more things to do but require more time of play and battles to collect Items and for farm part. I think it'd be better if things happened faster. Nothing happened in that village as long as I was playing.

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Great mapping filled with stuff. I had no problem until that dumbwaiter

Oh I meant diagonal movements from start. It was a little hard to get diagonal movements from the first move

I wish I could scare some people in the house :) and it would be better if it had diagonal movements

That was great for first game. that many choices should have needed a lot of work on switches and conditions, yet I didn't get all endings

It became scary after that man running after me. I'm one who likes checking dying and failing in different scenarios, but really don't want to die in scary situations :)

I liked the way the story was being told. it was like getting the player involve in it, but after the dark forest there wasn't much of involvement of the player like the start. and maybe a little short for showing the idea you've got

wow transformation! Simple and straightforward. I'll do a magical girl game someday

Battles are hard so that makes them long, and high encounter rate. but I liked the guardian idea. Map was also good but why no return?

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I played three days ago and just uploaded yesterday. that the name was random, I found that on next try. :)

It's a little hard for first try until you get used to being on low money. limited numbers of battles makes harder to make money that is needed even on saving!

I hadn't played a one map game before but I can see you've work a lot on this. Oh I have played just one before and it was a short game.

In the jungle I suddenly confronted with the Wild Tyrant and died. If there was something that had suggested to save, I would have tried it again.

I don't know if the ruin's boss is defeatable or not but I finished without fighting him.

and a wrong transfer at 1:01:46 and when I selected the ruins for second time at the end, it didn't work.

and for the jungle two character were selectable.

Thanks :)

Yes, I know that's a passage, I mean I can't get to there, there's a boulder blocking the way to that wall.

I couldn't finish the guild dungeon, it was some kind blocked before that point with hole in the wall.
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This was pretty neat and a little short. For the puzzle I though the wall would throw the ball on the other side by shooting, but it was for blocking.

I think it's because the wall looks like it's going to push the ball, so maybe a little shadow will help it to seem that it's actually jumps out.

Twitter or Do you have an user at

Yes I had some kind of battle in mind without HP so I think I should replace it by morality, but because going up in heavens doesn't have meaning in story other than first part of game where the main character is completely pure and can go all the heavens down, Only bad techniques are needed. Angels can do good techniques to stop the characters. Fixed number of battles in both as story events and lying on the field. hard part that needs more thinking is the techniques and how to obtain them and levelling up in this short game that even with battles added I don't think it becomes more that two hours.

For now I'll only fix some events, and this version maybe for some other time in future.


Thanks for playing and so sorry for typos. I even checked spelling of the words I wasn't sure but it seems it wasn't enough. Of course I'm willing to do a redo on game and adding battle, but I'm not 100% decided and ready for now.

Everything is good. I just didn't know what to do because I couldn't find the next quest. and I don't know if the clothing have any effect other than looks.

This wasn't annoying, I actually dozed off and woke by battle theme. XD For the next times I put a box on the mouse botton and went to do some other things. XD

Oh I didn't notice age 8 and 10, hadn't check the first digit. But still no use even with your help. Why don't comments here have spoiler!

I didn't find anything particular about the game, but the maps styles feel similar to mine.

Making a team with enemy looks cool but the level design gets in its way.

You're right, part 1 and 3 were in scheduled mode, it should be ok now. : )

Battles are easy to die, the reward doesn't seem much, prices are high. There're lots of choices and things to do, that's a good thing but you can't guess what the consequence will be or maybe it won't change the result. I liked how the new game works even after game over.

There was a guy that appeared down the dojo so I turned back to save first, but he disappeared.

I wish jumping out of yellow dots were in player's hands instead of being auto, but maybe this is what you wanted to be.

Don't know, I couldn't play more than a minute all by myself.

This can be played fast, if you're willing to adjust the platform's timing a bit more to be played without stopping. Shuriken was not much usable or like to be necessary for specific part of gameplay.
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Some levels has problem detecting you're already finish, and in a level the block didn't move. No saving and I was finished.

No single player?

This was a little hard, but I managed to finish. I almost transformed myself. XD

Too short, not much of story.
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It had some problems, like you can't jump sticking to the wall, infinite coin, max shoot rates. Or on the first run the robot maid didn't die, no matter how many arrows I was shooting, I closed and ran again.

Upgrades reset after quitting.

but the idea is cool, it also lacks 45 degree shooting.

A little too easy and feels slow, not much of challenge.

Main characters are like robot and doll, I'd like more if they were more human like. :)