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Battles are easy to die, the reward doesn't seem much, prices are high. There're lots of choices and things to do, that's a good thing but you can't guess what the consequence will be or maybe it won't change the result. I liked how the new game works even after game over.

There was a guy that appeared down the dojo so I turned back to save first, but he disappeared.


Thanks for playing and reviewing! The video link is broken, but I looked at your youtube and found the Part 2 - I like that you purposely lost the tutorial battle there to find out what would happen in that scenario :) Thanks for the feedback and letting me know about that glitch too! Things are a bit tough and expensive partially as a need to balance things and partially due to the roguelite nature of the game, so that will be better after a few quality updates and additions that I didn't have time to code are added in.


You're right, part 1 and 3 were in scheduled mode, it should be ok now. : )