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It's a little hard for first try until you get used to being on low money. limited numbers of battles makes harder to make money that is needed even on saving!

I hadn't played a one map game before but I can see you've work a lot on this. Oh I have played just one before and it was a short game.

Hey, thank you so much for testing my game. There is a new version avaliable for download, with all bugs corrected, so I sugest you to download it if you are planning to play the game again in the future. You can even use your current game save.

The game was indeed meant to be a challenge, that's why I put an easy mode. But I think that after a while, the player will learn how to play the game, saving money making good decisions, exactly like happened with you.

Ps. Amazing how your clan name was perfect for you in you first gameplay, right? :)

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I played three days ago and just uploaded yesterday. that the name was random, I found that on next try. :)