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I liked the way the story was being told. it was like getting the player involve in it, but after the dark forest there wasn't much of involvement of the player like the start. and maybe a little short for showing the idea you've got


Thanks for trying the game out! Appreciate you sharing the video for your playthrough too, it's so helpful to get a visual of other people playing the game and seeing how they interact with things. I definitely agree that there isn't much to do as of now. I'm still very new to RPG Maker and this is my first game so I pretty much just wanted to get some feedback on the direction of the story and writing to see if people even like the basic concept before I dump hundreds of hours into development.

I have added some more to the game since this upload though, primarily in the town. I'll be uploading another update shortly after the Spooktacular Spooktober contest is done. :)