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I just gave the game a playthrough as well and felt that the maps were too big. I understand the purpose, but when the purpose is to also add an element of exploration, we need directions like clues. I found your guide and decided to follow that in order to experience the whole game, but I couldn't get through the first boss considering how low our health starts. I also noticed items weren't usable on team members during the first boss battle, which made it much more difficult. I'm really not trying to be harsh, because I believe the gaming community should be welcoming to new developers, so I hope this all comes off as constructive rather than destructive. I would've never known about some of the bosses until I read the guide.

I hope you take some time to play through my game for the competition as well. If you feel I should change anything, you have just as much right to critique. Good luck with the contest!

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Yeah It's difficult, I didn't notice it until the last day  I'll try to release a version 2 of this game after contest, with more hint to find bosses and maybe more items, like putting chest at the dead ends. When I want to start a boss fight I always start with max health too. you shouldn't waste any turn because, there is not a lot of items to use.  with 2 Ethers at the start, one for Lucius to cast 6 Bolt3 and some physical attacks at the end, the other one for Marsha to heal the party before and during the battle.

I didn't have much time to play others games, but I'll play them starting tomorrow. Thanks for playing.

I feel like this game has a lot of potential after it's been updated. I'd like to take a look at it again in the future, so I'll follow you!