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Submitted by Ruth_Studio — 2 days, 21 hours before the deadline
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Ranked 86th with 2 votes

People's Choice Vote#862

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  • Theme 

    It’s just Passage the indie game but not even as good.


    Walking simulator. You walk near chests and get emoticons to symbolize that moment in their life but it’s still a treasure. You can also choose to skip them I guess which is a form of choice.


    Exposition on those gifts could’ve been delivered way better.


    I’ve seen it done better. Done many times. Delivers nothing new to the subject matter.

    Total – 21/80


Team Members
Ruth Studio

RPG Maker MV

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Good and simple, but this could have been much better if there were some choices. The only one was go with or without the girl.
At the end I thought if I had walk in less distance like in mazes, not going for boxes and just go the main way and waste less time, I'd have gone further in last room.


Thanks for playing and for commenting!  I was a little late to this contest so this was my "minimal viable product".  I might rerelease this "game" after the contest with more consequences and choices since life is all about choices and consequences.   Again, thanks for playing!  


Well made story. The only thing this game lacking is original graphics.


I loved this game, but I kinda regret playing it! If you're suffering from depression or low mood, please avoid this game, otherwise- go for it!!!!

It's a minimalist, gritty and down to earth story, and it's handled spectacularly. Only short, but it'll stay with you. I loved the map connections, it works really well. There's a few things unexplained (like the treasure chests), but it leaves you open to interpretation and to fill the gaps with yourself.

 I actually applaud the use of rtp in this one, to other rmmv devs, it's going to feel more familiar and hit closer to home. Not overly keen on the blur, but I guess it's for atmosphere. It didn't match well with the pixel font you picked though. I also think the wife could do with making a little less wobbly.

Two small typos on the fourth map, the gal needs to say 'you're' and the bar owner should be 'a help wanted ad.' There were some places where the line breaks were a bit random. A little sweep over the dialogue might help (I have personal pet peeve about dialogue not really filling the width of the textbox correctly.) Could maybe do with looking into the timing of the piano music too, but these are just nit-picky things. There were no actual bugs I noticed, just left me with the cold realisation the my life was going to go the same way. Yay...


Thank you for playing!  Thank you for the review/comment and the constructive criticism.  I appreciate it!