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I'm no longer working on this project. But you are lucky, version with multiplayer mode already exists:

I think MOGA controller doesn't work. But why don't you try it yourself?

If you have read this post, you should know that this game wasn't created by me. I can't tell much about gamepad support. As far as I know Xbox 360 gamepads are working.

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This game wasn't created by me. I've implemented few new features (listed in the description) and that's it. I did what I can and I'm not going to add new features (better gamepad support), new platforms (Mac OS or Android TV) or fixing bugs. I'm not planning to work on this project anymore, but the source code is available, anyone can try to improve the game if he really wants. Good luck!

Update. For those who keep asking about gamepad support.
As far as I know only Xbox 360 gamepads are working and I'm not sure that's true for all platforms. Other gamepads may or may not work, I don't know, try it yourself. And please stop asking about it!

I enjoyed playing this game. It's really funny.

Well made story. The only thing this game lacking is original graphics.

Obviously this game not finished, but with some more work it will be good. So keep on working!

Nice concept. But dungeons looks all the same. This is getting old fast!

I like the art style.

I didn't play the game much, but what I saw was very promising. Keep up the good work!

I played your game for a bit and I think that overall it's not bad. But it lacks randomness that makes board games interesting. Story was good enough to keep me playing and battles were OK.

Not a bad game. Young children may find it fun to play. Things I don't like: color palette and animations.

There is no good reason to include both Windows and Mac version in one archive. File size is way too large.

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Anything can happen during export. It's always a good idea to test exported game before uploading it.

Not all files included in the archive. In particular, some animations missing.

Hopefully, next time we'll see Malkavians as well :)

Yeah, I know what you mean... Perfectionism is a terrifying enemy, the sooner you get rid of it the better. Good luck!
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While the game isn't perfect it definitely made me feel something and it wasn't boredom.  And I'm sure, it's not just me who thinks so. So congratulations, you delivered your message!

Overall,  the game is well-made, but in my opinion there is things that can be improved:
- Probably it's a good idea to add background music and sounds. Game feels empty soundwise. Also It'll help to set the mood.
- Some SE sounds strange, for example, kitchen sink.
- As already mentioned, it's really easy to skip large part of the game.

Nice game! Sadly, too short. Are you planning to work on it in the future?

Barely playable in current state, but has a lot of potential. Please, keep working on this game!

Found a game-breaking bug. If you choose to take gold from 'Spriti of Garbiniang' game freeze.

I believe it's best to post games in such early stage of development on special forums. I was not very happy to download 357 MB archive to find that there is almost nothing inside and probably I'm not alone. At least, delete unused files. Again, I did not mean to offend you, just advice. And good luck on making your game.

Why? No offense, but It's not a game in "very early state", it's literally "nothing". While you learning how to do things keep it to yourself or post in appropriate places.

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There is 'Controller Support.exe' file inside zip. It's a self-extracting archive, you have to extract files from it.

No problem. But some people may not found a way to launch the game, so put proper install instructions somewhere in description.

It's impossible to launch the game by following Install instructions.
Actual game archive 'Controller Support.exe'  is inside zip.

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Thanks for playing my game!

It took a lot of time to create original assets and I had very little time to work on game itself. So maybe game's balance needs more work.

It doesn't tell me anything. And even if I wanted I can't investigate this issue.

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You can add link to the game description.
It's not counted as contest entry, but at least people can play your game.

It run, but I had to install RTP.

Nice game. Looks cute and interesting to play. I really like it.
And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but looks like you broke the rule number 8:
"All files required to play the game MUST be included in the download. This include RTP resources. If the game exe does not run because of missing files, it will be disqualified."
Maybe you can put link to RTP in the game description?

You've uploaded only 'Game.exe'. Your game won't work without the rest of the files.

Yeah, because that's a terrible thing to do :<

As you know  this game wasn't created by me. I've implemented few new features, but (better) gamepad support was not among them.  And for various reasons I'm not planning to work on this project. So you best option is to use software that can map touch input to gamepad buttons.