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It took some time but bugs fixed :)

Also, the latest builds include your translation, and I added your name to the list of contributors. Thanks for your work.

Shotgun bug fixed.

Done. Thanks for your work.

At the moment, your translation available only in Windows and Linux builds. If, for some reason, you absolutely need other builds (let's say android), let me know, I'll try to make them sooner.

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Yes, is fine.

Is the font looks OK?

I'm going to add you to the list of contributors. Can I use your real name? Maybe you want to add some contact info?

You suddenly disappeared. Are you okay? Are you going to complete this project?

It looks great! The only issue I noticed is the missing "Ç"
I need all of these: ÁÂÀÃÉÊÍÓÔÕÚ.

I just copied and pasted this line :)

Charset with 'Ç' and updated 'Ê' (also there are two versions of 'Ç', tell me which one looks better):

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Done: (place 'charset' directory to 'pt_br' directory next to 'text.json' file).

I changed the font size to add additional glyphs, so text placement slightly different from other languages. But I think it looks better that way (check Spanish or Esperanto translation to see how the text looks when trying to keep default size). Not sure about the letter 'Ê', maybe I should move the upper glyph a bit to the right? 

I tested how the font looks in-game very briefly. You have to do proper testing and tell me what you think.

Also, I notice that some text in the intro too long (it doesn't fit on the 16:9 monitor, on 4:3 even more text will be cut). If possible, try to rephrase those sentences to keep them about the same length as the original. I had the same issue when translating, but then I realize that translation doesn't have to be perfect.

OK. I'll try to do it ASAP. If nothing goes wrong, it should be ready by this time tomorrow.

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It looks like you copied all files from the 'en' locale directory. That's not what you should do.

Steps to make your translation work:

  1.   add "pt_br": "PORTUGUÊS BRASILEIRO", to 'locales.json'
  2.  create 'pt_br' directory in the 'locales' directory
  3.  place 'text.json' file there

The game will use TTF font from the 'fonts' directory. It will look different and (as far as I remember) won't work in Android and Web versions,  but it's a good enough starting point - you can test your translation. Once you finish the translation, we can either use converted to 'charset.png' and 'charset_small.png' TTF font (easy) or draw additional letters based on the original font (not so easy). Anyway, we can decide that later.

If, for some reason, you still have issues with the font, here is converted to images TTF font. Place the 'charset' directory from this archive to the 'pt_br' directory.

Hi, Gabriel! It's been some time since I have written this instruction, so I have to remember how things work. If you translate the menu (first 14 lines) and send me the 'text.json' file, I'll do my best to provide better instructions.

Good job. I'll try to fix those bugs when I have some free time.

Sorry, I'm not going to do it. Try original or this version. Likely those versions have fewer bugs.

Also, check (and maybe contribute to) this topic.

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Gamepads should work out of the box, but if your gamepad doesn't work, you out of luck.
Gamepad support won't improve!
- gamepad support implemented by a different person, not me
- I'm not actively working on this game anymore

On Android, I tested only this gamepad, and it worked perfectly. 

You can find it by searching for 'T3 Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad'. But keep in mind that, while looking the same, these gamepads may be different inside. So no guarantee that even this gamepad will work.

Do not buy the gamepad specifically for this game! And if you already have one, test it, and it will be cool (and helpful for other people) if you report here if it works or not.

I'm not going to work on this game anymore. Only very minor fixes are possible (but not guaranteed). Reason: working with the GameMaker engine, building and packaging the game is a real PIA. I'm not enjoying it at all.

Did you manage to get the game to work on your Chromebook? Have you tried any of my suggestions? Your experience can be valuable to other people.

Gamepads should work out of the box. Try clearing app data. Another option is to try the html5 version. If it still doesn't work, you're out of luck. Even if I wanted to (and I don't ), I can't fix controls for the gamepad that I do not have.

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-running, jumping or walking while using a shotgun kills you

I'm aware of this bug.

-pushable block under a normal block (instant kill) when  grapping.

Not sure about this one. A screenshot or video will be helpful.

But keep in mind that working with the GameMaker engine is a MAJOR PIA for me (for more than one reason). These bugs, although serious, do not make the game unplayable, so I cannot guarantee that I'll fix them.

The bug fixed. Download the app again. In the game menu (tap the button in the top right corner to enter it) there is an option to change the visibility of the touch controls.

This feature already there, but due to a bug, it's inaccessible on Android. I'll try to fix this ASAP.

Sorry, I can't help you here. I don't know what the problem is and, more importantly, I'm not going to work on this game anymore (this time for sure), so this issue won't be investigated/fixed. The only thing I can recommend you is to try the html5 version (spelunky_classic_hd_html5-android.apk).

I'm not familiar with Chrome OS, so I can't help you much. I suggest you try to run an HTML5 version. Either using this link or you can download this archive, unpack it and run the game using the webserver, for example, this one).

i used ALL of them and they don't work it just says "spelunky classic HD has stopped" as soon as i use it.

Sorry, I can't help you here. On all devices that available to me, it's working fine. Have no idea why it doesn't work for you: you have to find it yourself. I'm not working on this game anymore and not going to. Source code available on GitHub.

also can i put your game on the amazon app store when it works?

Not sure that it's a good idea to publish someone's else work, but I suppose you can (if it's free). But keep in mind:
- it's not my game, it's a modification of Derek Yu's game (so it's his intellectual property)
- you have to provide any support and handle any problems with the game yourself

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There are three versions for Android:

The minimum supported Android version is 5.1.

The minimum supported Android version is at least 4.1 (likely even older, do not remember for sure).

Same as previous, but in my experience can be a bit unstable.

Which one are you using?

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The translation system works a bit differently now: file contains both source text and translated text, so it's much easier to work with. There are only a few new lines to translate from scratch, most of them (if not all) at the top of the file, translating them shouldn' t take much time.

If you are willing to invest more time, you can check the entire text for mistakes (I converted old translation to a new format semi-automatically, that's why mistakes possible). 

To see translated text in the context you can use debug builds. How to do that described in the first paragraph here:

Thanks in advance!

It's been a while but I updated the game (unexpectedly for myself). The localization system improved a lot. Few new lines required translations. Also, it's much easier to see translated text in context:
I decided to let you know. It'll be cool if you can translate new text (and maybe update the old one). Of course, if you can and want to do that.

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Read the instruction and if you still have questions you can ask them here.

Because I have no reason to do it. It's not my creation, I'm not attached emotionally to it. I don't make any profits from this game. And working with the GameMaker engine is a PIA.

It is the real Spelunky game. Do you ever read the description? At least check out the first link in my first reply.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "better graphics", but anyway, I'm not going to work on this game anymore.

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As said in the very first sentence in the description, I'm not going to work on this game anymore, sorry.
You can play the original:
or this:
All those games probably have fewer bugs then my version.

I'm no longer working on this project. But you are lucky, version with multiplayer mode already exists:

I think MOGA controller doesn't work. But why don't you try it yourself?

If you have read this post, you should know that this game wasn't created by me. I can't tell much about gamepad support. As far as I know Xbox 360 gamepads are working.