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Posted in window mode

Windowed Mode can be selected in launcher (1.1.3)

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It is toggleable on Android from 1.1.3. On desktop platforms it's not a problem.

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Archives updated.

I updated the game. Among other things I added launcher which contain few strings that can be translated. I have translated them to Spanish with Google Translate, but it'll be nice if you check translation.

Thanks. Hopefully in a few day I'll upload new version with your translation and some improvements.

Then tell me your email

I'm going to add your translation to the next build.
What information about yourself you'd like to add (nickname, real name, email)?

Replied to grheavy in window mode

For some people game doesn't work properly in fullscreen, that's why "fullscreen borderless window" enabled by default. Sadly it's create other problems. Definitely it's possible to fix them, but I don't have time (and motivation) to do it now. Probably I'll update game in the future.

Posted in window mode
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Game starts in borderless window. Alt+Enter - toggle fullscreen/borderless window.
Currently there is no normal windowed mode. It is possible to resize borderless window, but I don't know how to do it on Windows.
You can try this solution.

That's great!

Как минимум один очень серьёзный баг есть в финальной битве. Я его только частично пофиксил.

Posted in window mode

My English far from perfect, too. Можно задавать вопросы на русском.
Game should start in (borderless) window mode by default. On linux different WMs acts differently. To move or resize window try to use 'Alt' or 'Super' key.

Created a new topic Mac OS X support
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I'm not planning to work on this project in foreseeable future. Still your feedback may be useful someday.

It's possible (and probably easy) to make Mac OS X and even iOS version, but I don't own any apple hardware, so I can't do it.

You can try this builds (probably won't work):

Mac build #1

Mac build #2

Wineskin wrapper (untested)

Created a new topic Gamepad support
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I'm not planning to work on this project in foreseeable future. Still your feedback may be useful someday.

In the original code gamepad support very limited.
Looks like it is possible to implement better gamepad support, maybe someday someone will do it.

You options right now:

- xbox 360 controller (should work out of the box)
- x360ce
- any software that can map gamepad to the keyboard keys
- try this test build**

- any software that can map gamepad to the keyboard keys (QJoypad for example)
- try this test build**

- looks like GPD XD and xbox 360 controller works
- some application that can map gamepad buttons to the touch screen buttons
- try this test build**. Tap in the top left corner to launch keyboard configuration and little to the right to launch gamepad configuration.

** - Most likely test builds won't work

Last try
If it doesn't work I give up.
The thing is I have zero experience developing on Mac and almost zero experience using Mac. I don't even have Mac. So you can image...
For a person with Mac, 'GM:S Pro' and 'Apple developer account' it's should be easy to make Mac and (probably) iOS version. I have only 'GM:S Pro'.

Wineskin wrapper
I can't test it. But even if it works I'm not sure wineskin wrapper is a good idea.

Great, this changes will be included in next build.

Please try this build

I don't think that accepting donations is the same as selling the game.  But if I'm mistaken of course I'll remove it. It's available on github as well.

Try this

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It's even harder than I imagined.
Test build
Most likely it won't work, but you can try.
Let me know the result.

I'll make test build with fullscreen disabled. Stay tuned.

Try now.

Never thought of that possibility. Thanks!

Try to redownload, maybe file corrupted.

Try 'Alt + Enter'. It will switch game to windowed mode (but image will be distorted). Let me know if it works.

What Android version you have?
App will only work with Android 2.3 and above.

I didn't change any gamepad related code. If original code doesn't work I have no idea why. So I can't help you, sorry. Maybe someday...

It's not that easy. I'll look into it, but no promises.