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I finished the game, I'm not sure if there is multiple endings to this game, so please let me know.  I agree with the constructive criticism below.   So, I'm going to focus on the story.  I think what is missing from this game is a conflict/plot.  I was hoping the NPCs would have given me clues, but none of them wanted to talk to the hero.  From what I got out of it, the  goal was to return the crystals to the "Dark Knight".  I'm somewhat confused why the dark knight fought the heroes at all, or why the main plot was to give the crystals back to the antagonist.  Maybe I'm reading to much into this.  

Just some advice, you can take it or leave it.  You can get away without a story in a FPS, platformers, and etc, but when creating a game like this, especially RPGs, I believe the story comes first, then everything else comes second.  That's my biggest gripe about RPG Maker games is that some people focus on particle effects and lighting rather than the story and the game just falls apart.

But, I believe this game is on the right path.  It's definitely tough creating a game in a month!       

I didn't want to make the choices obvious and I thought if I give hint, people won't realize it's a choice. I expected players search more if they hit the quick ending,  but because this became hard, it didn't happened.
Now I'm planning to make some changes and release again.
Thanks for playing.