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SQUIDUDEView game page

Point and drag to victory!
Submitted by RAMADORG (@ramadorg) — 19 hours, 14 minutes before the deadline
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People's Choice Vote#2201.6921.692

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Team Members
Raul Gonzalez

Adobe Flash

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How does replacinges happen?

While the idea is interesting, there's a lot that isn't explained in-game, like the displacement/replacement mechanic or even how to play. I spent a fair while trying to figure out the keys to move. The idea of randomised stages is a neat one and I liked that aspect a lot. If there'd been even more of that it would have been cool, but for a prototype it worked out well to show what your idea was and how it worked, so good job on that.

The graphics and sound are neat-enough, though there's some pretty harsh pixel clashing going on at times. One thing that annoyed me was how big the screen was and how resizing it didn't help with the intro scene. A lot of it was cut off even after I readjusted the window size meaning I missed a fair chunk of the 'story'. 

Overall, it's a good promo.

Not really sure what's going on with the displacing/replacing mechanic.


Hey, played the game. At first it was not sure which things could kill me and which not. Sometimes I felt like the randomness of the level makes you die if you are in the wrong position when it generates another block of obstacles (maybe im just bad). Also, I don't think I understand when it teleports, if there is something that triggers it. Think it needs a bit more polish on the procedural generation and more elements and you could have a good mobile game (not the best for a mouse haha).

This was my best score I got:

Submitted (1 edit)


I played it for about 20 minutes and it can be quite addictive once you get on a roll. I can see it working well as a mobile game.

The music and sound effects fit nicely, nothing felt out of place. The graphics communicate what they need to well enough, although some additional polish in the future would probably be worth it to make it stand out a bit more.

Do you plan on having 'stages' per se or make it into and endless runner? I could see a a Super Meat Boy approach working well with different Oceans or Seas being the overall level and having small levels with achievements inside of them, with progressive difficulty focusing on a few core mechanics per overall level.

I think it could have potential if you developed it further :)


I believe I may have set the "energy" goal a bit too high considering I didn't have the time to make the obstacles more diverse. I had plans for more levels, enemy types, random events, and even character customization that would have been unlockable through the score count. Deadlines are deadlines though lol.

Creating the art and music on my own was a big challenge because I didn't notice the competition began until about the 20th of November. I was a part of the 2017 contest as well and thought this one would start October. Fortunately, I still saw the update before the deadline and got something in that I've been thinking about.

Squidude..? nice name lol


Thanks! I know it's silly. Made something to be just fun. On a full game, I'd hope to hope to add more diversity in levels and a story with more heart.