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A jam entry

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The Unfulfilled-Life Simulator.
Submitted by Woollington with 2 days, 6 hours before the deadline

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Ranked 53rd with 4 votes

People's Choice Vote#534

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  • 40/80

    Managed to take tedium and turn it into a game of tedium. Graphics and Sound were used well for the purpose of driving the concept in. It was so tedious that it was a little more memorable than your average game.

    The dev took a concept and turned it into a game and managed to reproduce it to such an extent that it was clear that they got their intent across to the player. The player would, however, be just as likely to quit before finishing or simply throw the game at their wall in annoyance as they are to finish playing. You managed to turn tedium into a game though so I guess that counts as something.

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Nice city but not many people.

Fun little game , good potential for expansion. Bit more fleshing out of maps and activities would be a good start.
Nice style and  concept.

Wish I could read books or go to sleep instead of always watching movies. Game left me with unfulfilled feelings so thats one point for the game ;)

Nice on the side of graphics but nothing else sadly.


Hey, thanks for playing and thank you for leaving a comment.
In retrospect, I should've added more options for how to unwind at night but the deadline was kind of looming which doesn't really help here, but will do for the next one.

II know the feeling,  after 3 days of work on the game I procrastinated for about 24 (had about 25% of game finished) and the last 3 days were about cut this, cut that and do less than planned to meet the deadline. About 4 hours before ;)


I really enjoyed the environment and colors! The entire game felt very consistent, however, the maps were a bit too big for the message of the game. Having to go to work every day felt like too long a process that I wanted to skip. After two days, the tasks we can complete feels repetitive, and that becomes a problem with walking to work taking so long. It feels like the story can be expanded so much further (like getting fired, being able to go into buildings, etc). It felt like the game needed less space, and more interaction. You put a LOT of effort into the maps and it shows!

As another contender, I would like for you to get a try at my game too! It's my first, so constructive criticism is appreciated as well. Have a nice day!