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The story of a little ghost trying to move on.
Submitted by kinao — 1 day, 6 hours before the deadline

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Ranked 114th with 1 vote

People's Choice Vote#1141

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    Graphics are all custom and look very good. They mesh well together and what mapping there is is handdrawn and looks good.

    Sound is there. It's custom stuff but you didn't get to hear enough to get a feel for it and it didn't add anything to atmosphere bar there being music and sound.

    Story is pretty bare. You're a ghost. Something called Enta says you should move on and explains how to use powers. That's all. The game was barely 3 minutes long.

    What writing there was was well written. The two characters didn't really get any screen time to show their characterisation due to just how short the game was.

    You got to move around and use two powers once. Yeah. There's not really much I can say here. You're a ghost, you move around, you have ghost powers but you don't get to use them because the demo is so short.

    You have the power to phase through walls (I'm not sure I can count this as a use since you didn't even reappear on the other side), one to shoot a ghost bullet (used) and the third you don't even get to try out.

    You press numbers to use the skills.

    Uh, there's really nothing more to add.

    Well, I would have liked to have gotten invested enough to have my interest held but there was literally nothing to play. There's not enough for me to judge this properly.

    I'm just gonna shrug.

    Okay, I'm just going to say this - while I understand that you likely wanted to show off the cool graphics and idea for your game, it really doesn't do the game any credit to be shown off in this way. Three minutes isn't enough for a judge to give the game a proper judging. I'm sorry, there really isn't anything I can say about this game except it was cute and I would have liked to have seen more but I can't say whether it was going to be a good game or not without actually having seen more.

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What a shame about the lack of time! The time you spent working on the aesthetics was apparent, everything looks really nice! I'm normally a bit iffy with text sounds, but I love the way you used them to give an idea of character voices. The gameplay sounds like it'd be a lot of fun. If you do continue, I'd probably recommend either having a visible HUD of key prompts, or a reminder in the menu depending on how many special powers we get.

There were one or two typos where you'd double spaced things, and 'amounts' has a single m. I tried to mope around for eternity just to see what would happen haha. Good luck with development if you decide to continue! <3


Oh, no! I wanted SO much more to continue playing. The art, controls, and music felt like they all worked together to make a cute/fluid game. I hope you get this made into a full game someday, because I'll be SURE to play. It was pretty funny too.

As another contender to this contest, I would like for you to try out my game too! The music isn't as well developed, but I hope everything else is good. I hope you have a nice day, and I'll be following you for updates on this!


Thank you  so much for your kind feedback! I'm really happy you enjoyed the short little demo. I went a little overboard trying to perfect my aesthetics and gameplay, before I knew it time was up. Hopefully I'll have time to finish it in the future. I really enjoyed playing through your game as well. ^_^