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Thanks for playing! In a perfect world I would've learned tilesets and made my own facesets as well. But I had to pick and choose what I was going to accomplish in a month with the tiles and with the facesets just couldn't make anything work that looked decent to me. Definitely among my 'regrets'. Would've been nice to have a more fluid style throughout. But I'm no artist, just happened to have always played around with MSPaint since Windows 95 when I was a kid. But yeah, the art style "variety" is the visual representation of the many decisions I had to make to get the project done within the time constraints.

The typos are my biggest annoyance with the end product!! Being more or less just a story I swear to you I proofread the thing at least twenty times! Haha... But the two you came across (one new to me!) are sadly not alone. I let out an audible groan every time a new one is discovered...


The misleading was definitely a part of the plan! I tried to present the situation with only what the player's character would know of it. Then I spent a lot of time trying to come up with moral situations that weren't too obviously pure evil (but still bad) to try to balance versus how much someone would be willing to risk/do to save themselves and/or their family. Not a ton of people have played but it has been split pretty much down the middle the way people have gone with it and the endings they get. Which is pretty neat from my perspective.

There's actually an ending I think is worse than yours; getting just two tickets! If you get just one or two you get to pick who gets the tickets from your family (you, wife, child). So you could technically do a bunch of questionable stuff for two tickets, be good and give them to your wife and child, and then yeah... Boom! Really though, there's mainly just two endings; You on the ship, or you off it. You getting on can happen with one, two, or three tickets and as long as you're aboard you get the ending you got. Your ride ends, and that's that. You not getting on can happen with zero, one, or two tickets. If you aren't on there's a little more of an outro. You get to choose three options (!!extra spoilers of the choices!! You can 'just go home', 'riot', or 'punish The Order for what they did'. The latter is extra enticing if you sent a family member to their demise!) Each choice is just another still MSPaint background and a short sentence to wrap it up.

Thanks for the tip on the menu. I only even learned of plugins or scripts or whatever they are, towards the very end of the Jam time period. I really was learning from the very basics. I didn't know up from down in getting any of that stuff and had other things to finish. There's a lot of polish and stuff I've learned about being out there just by playing other entries. Plenty of wishing and what ifs when it comes to polish. The program is so much deeper than I had any idea of!