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A jam entry

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Noir Puzzle Mystery Game
Submitted by From Chris (@FromChrisH) with 22 hours, 9 minutes before the deadline

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Ranked 45th with 5 votes

People's Choice Vote#455

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  • Theme

    Noir game looking for a lost necklace with magic. I dig it.


    Extremely buggy tutorial that is hard to reference. Hard to navigate and accidentally skipping some important tutorial text and no way to reference It back. Can’t save?!  Missing text box on some characters making their text unreadable. No way to have a larger window to easily navigate the world. I've been stuck on just opening this drawer and I still have no idea what to do after talking to all the people. I tried casting OPEN on the locked doors and…nothing.


    Missing Message Boxes. Glitchy Door openings. The game is hard to navigate because of the black and white and small resolution. It’s so hard to focus on the screen. However, what asset is there is well done for the most part.


    I can't proceed to the game at some point and I just had to give up.

    Total – 40/80

RPG Maker VX Ace

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I really really like the style, art, and setting in this one. I seem to be missing something obvious though. And can't make any progress. I feel like I clicked everything and talked to everyone inside and out of the hotel. Either way, its a looker.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hey, sorry to hear that! Maybe take a peak at a hallway cabinet on the third floor.


I must've had "too much coffee" to miss that. Thanks. Was a fun and unique game. Took me a moment to figure out z was backspace on the spell menu but other than that I liked the concept. Added another level of uniqueness to the whole setting. Glad I was able to play it through it.

So this was the download page is! Hahaha goo luck on your submission, you're doing a great job! Also, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to your victory and to the next game!


This has a very unique feel to it - I tried playing, but mystery-esque games really aren't my thing after all. Congratulations on completing your submission though - you can tell a lot of polish went into it!