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Removing the bump for a hard mode is a great idea, maybe post-release if the game gets any traction. Going to be releasing on Google Play/Steam in the next few weeks after I fix more bugs & get some testers on it. 

Ugh, that damn Shambler causing problems again... lol, thanks for the report!

The Ranger is a tactical roguelite, for Windows and Android, focused purely on the tactical side of combat. No gear, no min-maxing, just you and a ton of enemies.

Let me know what you think!
From Chris

Could you attach the source files?

Thanks, I'll be sure to look into that more when I update after the jam! 

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That makes me feel great, as that's really what I was going for! A vintage comic book space Tomb Raider, with a bit more focus on classic Adventure games of course like Monkey Island.  

Hey, thanks for the video! It was insightful to watch someone play as it helped me understand where the game needs work, I could see a few "Aha" moments, which were great to see! 

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Hey, thanks for the video! It was insightful to watch someone play as it helped me understand where the game needs work - especially with more prompts on how to solve the puzzles / what needs to be done next.

Feels great to finally complete a game jam again, it has been awhile since my last one and was itching to get creative. Killed two birds with one stone with completing the Adventure jam and working towards Devtober! I'll certainly polish the submission up, adding a lot of details I didn't have time for, after the Adventure jam's judging is completed. 

Let me know what you think!

******Spoiler Alert!*****************************************

Commenting here just in case anyone gets stuck at any point in the game! Here's a quick breakdown of how to complete a few of the more complex puzzles. 


First Room: You need to "use" the knife (pressing X twice) to open it, followed by using the opened knife on the nearby plants. Follow up by combining the stick with knife, to create a crowbar in order to open the sarcophagus. 


Floor Trap: Use/Inspect the skull in your inventory, the correct pathway is engraved on its forehead. 


Switch that is blocked by Plants: First you'll have to drink some of your Blue Nebula, followed by cutting off a piece of clothing from the Corpse in the main room near the Floor Trap entrance. Combine the drink and the rag, after completing the One-Eyed Statue (see below) you will use this rag in bottle with the statue to create a Molotov cocktail - use this with the plants to burn them away. 


One-Eyed Statue: Use your knife with the skull to remove a gemstone, place that gemstone into the One-Eyed Statue. 


Lever surrounded by Fish: Cut off some vines, from the nearby wall and combine with your knife to create a grappling hook. Use this in front of the water to pull the switch. 

Yup , if you tap and hold or click and hold the +25% it explains. 

There's actually a bug if you get to zero coins! Cannot update until after the jam concludes, yikes!

There's actually a bug if you get to zero coins! Cannot update until after the jam concludes, yikes!

Congratz! Once you start racking in the coins it'll get more difficult!  
Good luck, matey! 

I did, I first went with "scroll" to switch between masks but I felt like it was too easy and took away from the "spam" left click fun - lol. 

Ha, fun game! Couldn't get passed those damn flame coins though! 


I wouldn't mind discussing more with you, hit me up on Discord: KingWombat#3497

Hey Erik,

I sent you a request on Discord, I'd like to discuss more and hopefully help ya out with your project. 

Hope to hear from you,


Hey Roefl, 

I sent you a friend request on Discord, I'd be interested to discuss more. 


Hey Kolbay, sorry I'm offering UI services not programming!

Hey, thanks for your message. 

Have you made any previous games before? What sort do you plan on making with the new team, and what engine/s do you plan on working with?


I've worked in Godot 3.0  and RPG Maker mostly, though I'm beginning to learn Unity (2D). I'm looking to help out with medium to large sized projects as that will garner me the most experience I need to spruce up the portfolio. 

I clipped together some random bits I've done to give you a sample - some are my attempts at replicating some popular styles these days. I prefer Mobile targeted games but willing to help out with anything as long as it looks like fun - as I am currently engaged in other projects. 
Ideally looking for paid per asset or rev share, though if it's something that could potentially be a great learning experience I'll work for free. 

Message me if you're at all interested!

Chess Asset! Chess Asset! Come get your chess asset!

Roses are redViolets are blue, I just bought new assets, So here's a game for you!

The life expectancy of Holiday Day Cards is one week.* Games last forever.

*At least for me. 

Hey all,

The Rhythm above is free, but I sure hope you don't mind this themed asset's price tag of $1.99! Cheaper than most Valentine's Day cards - it's quite a deal! 

Happy Early-Valentine's Day!

King Wombat

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Hey, sorry to hear that! Maybe take a peak at a hallway cabinet on the third floor.