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A cliched quest to save the world
Submitted by Lihinel — 12 hours, 33 minutes before the deadline

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Ranked 86th with 2 votes

People's Choice Vote#862

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    Graphics are custom and drawn in the style of South Park. The graphics work well together. Mapping is drawn and as such it's simplistic but looks okay despite a fair amount of empty space and lack of detail.

    The writing is pretty good despite the obvious sexual puns and silliness. A lot of inspiration came from South Park, that's for sure, and the characters and dialogue reflect that. That said, it is well written for the most part and they don't go beyond a set level of perversion as per contest rules.

    The story is framed well and very fast-paced but it works for this type of humorous game.

    Sound is not really something that stood out. There were a few uses of it to enhance scenes but otherwise it was pretty basic usage. Music was quirky and fit well with the tone of the game. It was funky and silly and helped set the tone really well.

    Gameplay consists of walking around and interacting with map events.

    It was basically a visual novel with a few choices and being able to walk on the map. There was a rock, paper, scissors minigame that served as a 'battle' but otherwise there was precious little beyond choices and interaction.

    It was alright if you like that kind of silly game. I played it through a few times to see the different choices but there wasn't much different. It was a good little playthrough but it lacked depth of any kind and overall it was kind of meh. Also, I totally called the ending right at the start.

    Save the world in fast forward was the basic theme but honestly, it was definitely more about a silly story in the vein of South Park than anything else and the writing and visuals reflected that.


RPGmaker VXAce

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There were one or two funny moments in this one. Silly references and about the right length it needed to be to work. Art style helped and was done well.


Well that was a wild ride from start to finish! 
10/10 would choose the AAA to kill off Jane everytime