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Thank you! ^^

Just be careful how you use it, it's a limited use case. If you have any issues implementing it feel free to ask for help here:


(The general rule is to use it sparingly on any given map and if you do have a lot of events using it on any given map, force the menu to open or transport the player before too long to clear the cache. To test the limits, open your task manager and keep an eye on memory usage while the events are running)

What a fantastic tool! You've done a great job with it!

Yeah, I don't know what happened. Maybe contact itch?

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I'm the host of the Drifty Jam and I didn't remove this game. It must have been itch or something? I wondered where it went to be honest.
Can't seem to re qualify it either. Weird stuff.


What's your project title?

A demo is fine.

They can be over an hour, but the games are judged based on the first hour of content.

There's no rule against it, but it will be judged by one person at a time, so the multiplayer aspects may be lost to the judges.

The donate option can be activated, but the game must be able to be downloaded free.

You have to start with a new game project for the contest. You can use characters and assets from a previous made game project, but not work done in the engine itself.

The engines that are allowed are the vanilla (unmodded) versions of the ones listed in rule 4. You can read the full list of rules here. :)

Yes, absolutely :D

Unless it comes under question the assumption is that you're following the rules. Also, the game project folder has a creation date, makes sure that's not prior to the submission period.

You can use the same IP as previous projects. The Jam game cannot be started before the start date of the submission period, meaning you can't use any work you did in the engine before that period, but you can use assets you already made or used previously.

You can use the same IP as previous projects. The Jam game cannot be started before the start date of the submission period, meaning you can't use any work you did in the engine before that period, but you can use assets you already made or used previously.

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That's a very good question!

Assets made for the community that are commercially allowed are allowed for the jam, in this case for those specifically it will be allowed.

If you've made assets and released them to the community for commercial use, you may use them in your jam game.

- As long as your use of said plugins doesn't violate other rules for this jam or the original creators terms of use then they are allowed.

-Ask yourself this question, "Was what I want to use made using an RPG Maker engine before the start date of this jam?" If the answer is yes, then it's prohibited.

Game pages won't be locked until the submission period is over. However, in my experience people aren't likely to play the same game twice in a jam, so you may want to wait until it's close to done before uploading it for the best community feedback. :)

That was an oversight, it was added to the list, it's definitely permitted! ^^

Please refer to rule 4, found here: Rules for a full list of acceptable engines. If it's not found on the list then it's prohibited.

It needs to be incorporated in the game as the theme. In other words, when the judges play your game will they be able to clearly see one of those subjects as the theme of your game?
It may be helpful to read the definition of the word theme:

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In the case of what's already included in the engine, that doesn't constitute work on any participants part since everyone has equal access to it.  You're allowed to use the database entries that the engine comes packaged with.

My prior answer was in regards to custom made animation data entries.

Yes, I would say reincarnation counts as rebirth.

Provided you have the right to use them and they don't violate any terms, they are allowed.

1) Yes
2) Yes
3) No limits
4) If that's what you want to make, by all means, go ahead! :)

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Those cannot be used as that would be work in the engine. All work in the engine for your jam game has to be done from scratch.  You can remake them in your jam project though.

Yep ^^ That's covered in rule 8, just be sure that you have the rights required.

You can make a side game to an already existing title or one in development. The only thing you can use though are assets, such as visual, audio and plugins. No database work can be carried over, such as skills, traits and items.  Maps from previous development also can't be used.  All work in the engine must be done from scratch.

Yes, you can make custom resources for the jam.

RPG Maker RTP are definitely usable! :D

This was interesting. I love the art style and the overall cohesiveness of the game. I was a little confused as to what to do and why, but was able to figure it out before long. Thank you for joining the jam! :D

Don't care for the purples eh? The whole town is sus!

This is a very nice well rounded game, not an easy thing to do in such a short period of time. I only got 7/20, but I knew it was that deputy the whole time! The poster had nothing to do with it! :D Thank you for joining the jam! :D

I am soo very bad at platformers.  I t was super cute how you use your hat to disperse the goblins :D Thank you for joining the jam! :D

This a compelling little game, I killed a million little woodland creatures in the first map until I could just about kill the polar bear lol. I immediately forgot how to use a knife and couldn't find that info anywhere, but it was ok since I never really needed it either.Thank you for joining the jam :D

Very nice little cut scene! Your mapping skills are on point! I look forward to what you come up with down the line :)

And I thought I had a small car! lol

The art style is so cute and I love the dialog :D

Ok, so the dog looks like he's dragging his but on the ground when going down and it's hilarious!

Aww this is such a cute game, I love how you have achievements for replay ability too. :D I had no trouble knowing what to do and had fun playing it, Thank you for joining the jam! :D

Very cool! I love how the message highlights the savagery of aggression.  Defend yes, but offend, well now you're just as bad eh? Very cool system, I found it a bit challenging but was able to get to the end fairly easily too. I kinda wished the archers were more clear I guess, I kept missing shots because I didn't get the system for a long time haha. Maybe a greyed out button until they're in range or something.

Hmm, 2 damage? The monster has hundreds of life? I don't think I'll be getting to the end of this game to be honest. Both members paralyzed and killed right away?  One sure fire way to get me to  quit a game is long unbalanced battles.

I have to admit, I'm interested in the poop story line, but I'm afraid I may never know how it ends...

Oh wow, this is so cool already :D I love the setup,and the customization. I was like "zoom into the tv, zoom into the tv!" And it did! So satisfying lol.  This was great, I was able to finish it which is always good! I loved the weirdness and game realitysception aspect of the story. I can see you put a lot of effort into it, it was fun and interesting! :D Thank you for joining the jam :)