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I'm glad you liked it, it was a lot of fun to make, but lots and lots of bugs lol

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That's cool! I'm glad you enjoyed it! It probably takes having played the game to really like it, and to understand some of the game design choices. And I agree! RMMV is NOT  the engine for this kind of game lol!

Hey I LOVE this review thanks for all the awesome feedback! :D

If you liked my sorry version of a super awesome classic game you should definitely try out the game it's based off of.  Making it for the jam was something of a parody. It's called River City Ransom (one of the best games to ever exist) it was on the NES, I bet you could find an emulated version pretty easy.

Yeah, the soda is very jank.

I couldn't get rid of the bugs before the time ran out, but since the game was just for fun and I can't be officially graded, I decided to upload it anyway.

So, yeah, the lack of item descriptions was part of the parody, the original game had many items, but not a single description.

As for the AI, it's not too far off (definitely a little worse) than the game it was made to copy. If I wanted to expand this game I would just code it and not try to use an engine like rpg maker haha.

Again thank you for the amazing feedback! :D

Cool, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

Yeah, it turned out to be a buggy mess, which is why RMMV and ABS are a bad idea lol. I'm sure with enough time, the bugs can be resolved, but is it worth it?

You could make a coronavirus infection simulator with this haha!

Message me on Discord, in the Driftwood Gaming server, I'll see what I can do

Lol, that's cool, I'm glad you like it :D

It all happens kinda fast so it's hard to tell, but it makes it so you attack 3 times.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, did you pick up and throw any weapons?


Yeah the soda is bugged, I didn't expect it to be a hot item LOL! It's actually a troll item and does damage instead of healing you. =P

LOL! That goes to show you shouldn't be drinking soda :D :D I'm surprised you found that so fast lol!

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Yeah... I couldn't completely squash that bug before I ran out of time, lol. If you throw a weapon at it, that should fix it.

Thank you for playing! :D

And oh yeah, the growling SE, for the soda... shoot. Le sigh... lol


Lol, it won't be hard to get me to jump :D

I'm very happy to hear that and congratulations on finishing a game! We'll be streaming most if not all the entries on Drifty's live stream so keep an eye out, you might catch us playing your game live! :D

"No fogs "was a statement of my ignorance, fog used to be rtp, you can use those default fogs. :)

You can isolate (not modify) any default image for use in other areas of your game including (but not exclusive to) Making icons and character sheet tiles into sprite sheets. :)

As long as it isn't modified, you could take a screen shot and use show picture.

If you can do it with code sure, but not with a image manipulation software.

No worries :)

Both of those would constitute a change of form, sorry.  (I'm using a icon that is a pair of boots for my kick skill so the character kicks with both feet LOL!)

You can use any font that was packaged with any RPG Maker, if it came with an engine, it's fair game :)

Ok, it's past 5pm est time, I will tally the votes now.

I can say with certainty that we won't consider extending the time limit for entries.

I can't speak for the other two judges, but Drifty and I have 5 kids to take care of(one of them being a very needy 10 moth old) and jobs. We're already pale faced looking at how may people have joined with the 30 minute limit as it is, lol.

We want to be able to consider each submission individually with the time and attention each one with deserves. :)

Yes. You can even use plugins that generate graphics through code (Terrax lighting come to mind)

Tallies will be counted at 5 pm today est, if you have an opinion make sure to get your vote in! :D

So far the verdict is no.

We haven't tallied the votes yet, we will soon though, so if you have an opinion on it, make sure to vote. (this applies ONLY to the splash screen, not the title screen)

Haha, ok. Tbh, I would prefer your project be slimmed as much as possible, so we don't have to download a bunch of 1+ gig projects lol.

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The prizes have been updated, thank you Damian Floyd for contributing $50 to the grand prize and @samkfj for contributing $50 to our second place winner!!! Also, the winner can now choose between a paypal cash transfer or a steam gift card.


Grand Prize: $75 Cash prize(only through paypal) or $75 Steam Gift Card and first pick from about 30 steam keys (Thank you Damian Floyd for contributing $50 to the grand prize!!)

People's Choice: Second pick from about 30 steam keys

2nd Place: A $50 cash prize(only through paypal) or $50 steam gift card thanks to Samkfj AND Third pick from about 30 steam keys.

3rd Place: Fourth pick from about 30 steam keys

Please comment yes or no. :)

Yes, you can submit multiple entries. It's also possible to win multiple prizes if your entries score high or are chosen by public vote.

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A lot of questions are asked about what we mean by RTP. The intention is to use what comes with the RPG Maker engines, the things everyone has access to.  If you got that file/asset/audio with your purchase of the engine (excluding bundled DLC's) Than it's usable.

Also, in order to facilitate use of any asset in any engine upscaling and downscaling images is allowed.

You may also make a map in the editor, screen shot it and use that as a battle background.

Finally, since the whole idea here is to push the boundaries with what you have, isolating images (such as one actor pose from a sprite sheet) and using that image in other ways like an icon to a sprite sheet, or an object to an animation is allowed.

What is NOT allowed is the modification/editing of assets to change their form or sound(with the exception of the in engine sound editor). Or the addition of custom assets outside those mentioned above.

Please feel free to ask for further clarification on this here. :)

Yes, you can use those, as long as no custom graphics are added to the menu's and only default graphics are used.

I concur :)

I don't recall any music/sound freebies, can you share the file path of what you're referring to?

What we mean is the assets that come with a purchase of an RPG Maker engine. (Not including DLC's if you bought the engine in a bundle. Just the engine and the assets it comes with alone)

Yep, you can move them anywhere in your game.

That's also ok, I updated the rules to allow for "isolation" of default assets.