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No worries, we just couldn't let it stay. :)

We stream at the same time every weekday, 2pm ET. We'll be playing entries all month. :)

The rules require that the game be made within the 30 day submission period. This game was published before that period started so it was disqualified.

Please DM me on our discord.

Which entry was yours?

Submitted games cannot be changed after the submission period ends.

Please join our discord and DM me

If your entry isn't public, the judges can't see them to play it. Judging starts in less than a week, so this is just a heads up. :)

You can make a public page for your game.

We'll ask you about it if we don't find it. You may want to record a clip of you finding it so we can see it.

Lol, that's funny XD.

As far as the writing, there doesn't have to much of it to be good. There should be at least some.

To use this theme, yes.

The obviousness or lack thereof of the themes you used will be reflected in your score. You'll be required to state which themes you picked while submitting your game, so we'll be looking out for whether in not it fits. This kind of thing is subjective and each judge will have their own opinion on whether it fits the theme or not.  So, I can't give you a concrete answer, but I can suggest you try to make the themes you pick noticeable.

It can be any kind of exploit. You can make it hidden codes, or tunnels or even glitches, it's up to you.

Excessive gore and dark themes will not go over well.  Please stay within reason. :) (excessive enough gore would be considered NSFW)

This is where commonly asked questions will be answered.

It's for MZ :)

Ok, that's good to know! Thank you for sharing :D

Hmm, it seems to have refresh errors from time to time, especially when working with f-curves. Maybe try saving, opening and closing the program?

Here's a video of it :D

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Here's a video of it.

If you do not wish to allow  your submission to this contest to be included in the free DLC pack being assembled for MZ please comment with the following information down below.

Submission title
the phrase, "Opt out"

If you have more than one submission you wish to opt out please comment with the title of each submission you are not permitting to be included in the pack.

Please submit multiple entries separately so they can be rated individually.

They need to be submitted as separate projects so they can be rated separately. :)

A video will not be considered or judged. If we can't play it on the Effekseer software it's disqualified. Please read rule #2. :)

If you don't add any sound to your animation that score will be 0, it will drag your other two scores down. Don't forget to add sounds to your animations! :D

I would say you only have to mention it if you're using anything but version 1.52g, if nothing is mentioned I'll assume it's that version.

I'm glad you liked it, it was a lot of fun to make, but lots and lots of bugs lol

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That's cool! I'm glad you enjoyed it! It probably takes having played the game to really like it, and to understand some of the game design choices. And I agree! RMMV is NOT  the engine for this kind of game lol!

Hey I LOVE this review thanks for all the awesome feedback! :D

If you liked my sorry version of a super awesome classic game you should definitely try out the game it's based off of.  Making it for the jam was something of a parody. It's called River City Ransom (one of the best games to ever exist) it was on the NES, I bet you could find an emulated version pretty easy.

Yeah, the soda is very jank.

I couldn't get rid of the bugs before the time ran out, but since the game was just for fun and I can't be officially graded, I decided to upload it anyway.

So, yeah, the lack of item descriptions was part of the parody, the original game had many items, but not a single description.

As for the AI, it's not too far off (definitely a little worse) than the game it was made to copy. If I wanted to expand this game I would just code it and not try to use an engine like rpg maker haha.

Again thank you for the amazing feedback! :D

Cool, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

Yeah, it turned out to be a buggy mess, which is why RMMV and ABS are a bad idea lol. I'm sure with enough time, the bugs can be resolved, but is it worth it?

You could make a coronavirus infection simulator with this haha!

Message me on Discord, in the Driftwood Gaming server, I'll see what I can do

Lol, that's cool, I'm glad you like it :D

It all happens kinda fast so it's hard to tell, but it makes it so you attack 3 times.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, did you pick up and throw any weapons?


Yeah the soda is bugged, I didn't expect it to be a hot item LOL! It's actually a troll item and does damage instead of healing you. =P

LOL! That goes to show you shouldn't be drinking soda :D :D I'm surprised you found that so fast lol!

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Yeah... I couldn't completely squash that bug before I ran out of time, lol. If you throw a weapon at it, that should fix it.

Thank you for playing! :D

And oh yeah, the growling SE, for the soda... shoot. Le sigh... lol