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This was interesting. I love the art style and the overall cohesiveness of the game. I was a little confused as to what to do and why, but was able to figure it out before long. Thank you for joining the jam! :D

Don't care for the purples eh? The whole town is sus!

This is a very nice well rounded game, not an easy thing to do in such a short period of time. I only got 7/20, but I knew it was that deputy the whole time! The poster had nothing to do with it! :D Thank you for joining the jam! :D

I am soo very bad at platformers.  I t was super cute how you use your hat to disperse the goblins :D Thank you for joining the jam! :D

This a compelling little game, I killed a million little woodland creatures in the first map until I could just about kill the polar bear lol. I immediately forgot how to use a knife and couldn't find that info anywhere, but it was ok since I never really needed it either.Thank you for joining the jam :D

Very nice little cut scene! Your mapping skills are on point! I look forward to what you come up with down the line :)

And I thought I had a small car! lol

The art style is so cute and I love the dialog :D

Ok, so the dog looks like he's dragging his but on the ground when going down and it's hilarious!

Aww this is such a cute game, I love how you have achievements for replay ability too. :D I had no trouble knowing what to do and had fun playing it, Thank you for joining the jam! :D

Very cool! I love how the message highlights the savagery of aggression.  Defend yes, but offend, well now you're just as bad eh? Very cool system, I found it a bit challenging but was able to get to the end fairly easily too. I kinda wished the archers were more clear I guess, I kept missing shots because I didn't get the system for a long time haha. Maybe a greyed out button until they're in range or something.

Hmm, 2 damage? The monster has hundreds of life? I don't think I'll be getting to the end of this game to be honest. Both members paralyzed and killed right away?  One sure fire way to get me to  quit a game is long unbalanced battles.

I have to admit, I'm interested in the poop story line, but I'm afraid I may never know how it ends...

Oh wow, this is so cool already :D I love the setup,and the customization. I was like "zoom into the tv, zoom into the tv!" And it did! So satisfying lol.  This was great, I was able to finish it which is always good! I loved the weirdness and game realitysception aspect of the story. I can see you put a lot of effort into it, it was fun and interesting! :D Thank you for joining the jam :)

I wound up hiding in the outhouse.

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Wow! I am REALLY bad at this game! :D I'm just glad my extreme inability to succeed wasn't captured on a Stream lol. It's very clever and I love the sound effects and art. I didn't see too much of it because after the 15 millionth death I gave up haha.

Well... That. was. a It's funny to see what you can do when edging up on a deadline :D Thank you for joining!

It was fun, a pleasure to play :D

Wow, I LOVE the sprite art on the tile screen! OMG, the gore... not expecting that ha. The story is great, perfect for a jam game and the fetch quests are well plotted, I always knew what I had to do. I love the custom art, there's some great sprite work in this game. Can I forgive you for the mouse?  ...idk :P

Haha, I love the cute art in this game :D It's short and sweet, my toddler thought the ending was delightful and wanted to "try again" lol.

This was a very well done and fun game. I love the polish you put into it, like the sprite animations and sound effects (for the most part haha) One thing that drove me absolutely nuts within the first few minutes of playing was the "bumping" sound. It became completely and utterly unbearable. I had to reduce the SE to almost nothing to keep playing the game. If that had not been an option, I would have stopped playing it, it's that grating.  Please for the love of all that is cute and furry, get rid of that bumping sound lol.

The story is nice, you did a good job encapsulating a story in the small amount of time you had.

I encountered no bugs which is also nice.

The only other critique I would have is the miss rate. You get 3 shotgun bullets and no matter how many times I tried the battle 2 out of three of them were misses, that's just wrong lol.

Good job, I'm impressed, this is a very nice little game made in a short period of time. :D

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I'm glad you're interested! :D

It's in development now and doesn't have a working demo at the moment. I hope to release it within the next year. :D

This is HANDS DOWN the BEST debugging tool for RM!!! I would rate it 10 stars if would let me!

This would be an absolutely fabulous feature! I just bought this today, I'm surprised it's not a core mechanic out of the box. :D

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I played your game on a stream with my toddler, she loved your maps! I always love your games, so cute and cool! (don't forget to vote, it's the last day to enter a vote! :D )

I don't see why not, although you may have trouble getting people to play it. I would suggest making an HTML version and posting it here as well.

Thank you! ^^

The Location to vote for themes from Sep 1st - Sep 8th:

The theme list to vote from and poll will be added Sep 1st at 1pm est.

I'm going to assume that however your set up the experience allotment, the final number will be multiplied for the lower leveled party members bonus. So, tentatively ...yes?

No worries, we just couldn't let it stay. :)

We stream at the same time every weekday, 2pm ET. We'll be playing entries all month. :)

The rules require that the game be made within the 30 day submission period. This game was published before that period started so it was disqualified.

Please DM me on our discord.

Which entry was yours?

Submitted games cannot be changed after the submission period ends.

Please join our discord and DM me

If your entry isn't public, the judges can't see them to play it. Judging starts in less than a week, so this is just a heads up. :)

You can make a public page for your game.

We'll ask you about it if we don't find it. You may want to record a clip of you finding it so we can see it.

Lol, that's funny XD.

As far as the writing, there doesn't have to much of it to be good. There should be at least some.

To use this theme, yes.

The obviousness or lack thereof of the themes you used will be reflected in your score. You'll be required to state which themes you picked while submitting your game, so we'll be looking out for whether in not it fits. This kind of thing is subjective and each judge will have their own opinion on whether it fits the theme or not.  So, I can't give you a concrete answer, but I can suggest you try to make the themes you pick noticeable.

It can be any kind of exploit. You can make it hidden codes, or tunnels or even glitches, it's up to you.

Excessive gore and dark themes will not go over well.  Please stay within reason. :) (excessive enough gore would be considered NSFW)

This is where commonly asked questions will be answered.