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I really enjoyed this little game. It's a bit of a gem, even if I was very frustrated at the end (28 deaths is 20 too many >.<; ) I'd suggest a check point at some point during the eel section because holy shit man, my ball were busted and I don't even have balls! ;.;

That said, the rest of the game shines really well. It's definitely up there in my top five games so far. I loved the way Izel moves under water, had a ton of fun bouncing around as a prawn shell and took vicious pleasure in stabbing enemies and spiking things to death (and destruction). Just... that eel boss yo. Fuck that guy.

Here, have a rage-induced video of love.

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The end boss is definitely too hard, not enough time for testing-- also, there wasn't enough of a proper difficulty ramp to prepare for him, because I had to cut so much content for the deadline. Checkpoints along the way would have probably made up for that based on the feedback I've gotten, but hey -- a deadline's a deadline LOL.

Thanks for playing, looking forward to watching your video this afternoon.