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Tactical RPG & Puzzle: Out School - Launch Trailer


I'll remove the prototype version to prepare a demo add more features: mapping, gameplay, hud and important is spelling corrections.

Tactical RPG: Out School - mini game Waiter | Gameplay Walkthrough

Reviews for Secret Santa - Event
First I look at your game is very beautiful

When I started playing, I have the following comment.
You'll like
- Nice graphics, this is of course
- Some puzzles need more hints
- Sound stable

You probably will not like it
- In-game ad campaigns. Have a link to your page in some maps/ It even automatically opens a web page in the dialogue of the character.
- The battle is not challenging. I didn't do anything it will also win

The game does not seem to fit with me, as it has some pictures: bone hands, skulls, pigs bathing in the pot,...

Thank you for your review

Talk about the icons because it has a capacity of 6Mb (Megabyte) size. (Including: 2000 items/ 188 weapons/ 206 armors)
So it didn't load at the time when the player access to the menu. I'll separate them in the future.

The problem is waiting 10 minutes (or kill all the police) because they need to earn money to buy weapons and equipment.
This is necessary because the instructor will leave you after completing the task.
In the end, you have to defeat with the boss by yourself (Or will have an ally if your previous choice is clever)

Tactical RPG: Out School - PHI boss fight / Final Mission - Gameplay Walkthrough

I'm drawing a larger map. and add some more mini-games.

Of course there will be farming, cooking, and pet system.


Oh, that room was not built yet, so there's an employee standing opposite you (in that room)

TUAN was very strong but left you behind after the tutorial ended. And then you dead (forget skills) after PHI boss defeats you

I still upgrade mini-games with mode: easy, normal and sandbox and more minigames

I'll try to remove using free grid movement.

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Tactical RPG: Out School - PHI boss fight / Final Mission
- Gameplay Walkthrough

So like the title says, I want to upload my game is entry IGMC 2018 to Google Play this December.

Is this valid and is there any other problem?

Because in the mobile version will have more features that were not previously. 


  • farming, 
  • pet system, 
  • more maps, 
  • update translation.

I hope to have an answer soon.

Thank you!

The signs on the map to guide you to perform side quests/ easter eggs (after you complete all main quests first)
As I have mentioned in the previous comment:
Talk about the second mission, when you get a motorbike running through the city. You have to wait 10 minutes for the contest to start. During that time you do what you like, earn money from matches or simply go sightseeing.

The story is still in development, each time the player chooses the appropriate answer, it changes the plot and difficulty of the game.

Thank you for giving me a little more idea to do it better.

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Thank you for downloading my game, I'm so sad to write these paragraphs. The game will be freeze (crash) when you use the character TUAN to cast skill "Mana Ball" in the battle without aiming at the enemy. (Casting skill "Mana Ball" should be targeted to the enemy unit, No errors will occur).  The game only encounters bug (freeze/ crash) when It's in the battle. But don't worry about it, because there is data saved before the start of the match. (That is auto save game to slot 3)
Talk about the second mission, when you get a motorbike running through the city. You have to wait 10 minutes for the contest to start. During that time you do what you like, earn money from matches or simply go sightseeing.

NOTE: Do not save slot 3, It's auto save game.

There were some bugs in the battle. If there is an error (as freeze) while playing, please close the game and reopen it . And then load save game in the slot 3. Since there is not much time, I will fix this problem in the near future.

Thank you for playing.
As instructed by NPC, you will know that key M is open mini map.
You will be tracked quest by the symbols on the mini map
Casting skill should be targeted to the enemy unit, otherwise you will wait longer for the skill to be processed (animated effect).
After that battle. There will be mini games.
Thank you for the review, the next version I'll get native speakers translate complete in terms of language.

When it comes to getting the motorcycle, it's part of the story so it's can't  get off the motorcycle.
I planned to design cars, motorcycles, and bike,.. It will change the speed of your move,  You can buy it in the sports shop. Also you can change the appearance by visual equipment (clothes, decorations,..)
I should have made the police chase you. But I forgot, I'll change this in the demo version.
The footsteps sound too small I think should reduce the volume of background music.
With the style of battle, I'll listen to people's opinions and calibrate for the best fit.

Yes of course,
I had credit him, Also I had share a link to his page to let people know. It's written in the page game , the video ends and in the file Readme.txt

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Today I finished the prototype

There will be tutorial about
How to use google to translate many languages quickly
How to generator many items are quick
How to secure data is better
How to make games run faster and smoother
These tutorial will be uploaded on my channel/ forum in the near future:


The story is complete : The prologue

As I said in the dev log: This is a true story about me, talk about the process of college.

The plot I wrote too much can’t be completed in a short time. I decided to introduce the story from the day of college registration to the day of college admission

A huge map: currently available; CITY-SE size 6444x6444

  • Tactics battle system
  • Recipe system
  • Quest system
  • Game Time:  14 types of weather; rain, clouds, fog, wind, fallen leaves, 4 seasons, cycle time; day/ night.
  • There are over 2000 items divided into 12 categories: food, cake, key1, key2(hidden), drink, medicament, common, rare item, material, weapon, armor, ???
  • There are two mini game: Taxi and Waiter


  • The plot must be complete : 8 episodes
  • The side quests by date and event
  • Complete the city map including (NE-NW-SW) total size a city map: 25776x25776, inside campus (DIT, USH, HSTN), additional grocery stores, the process center areas, the SU NGHIEP center, the mines to look for raw materials and more dungeon
  • The system traffic, the motorcycle and car will be active on the city map
  • Pet system include hunger, thirst, and fatigue. You can control a pet (When you are a Summon)
  • Design skills, animation, logic AI for the boss
  • Balancing the battle mechanism
  • Add more two mini games
  • Possible features: Expand the story to another game. It can make on unity 3d engine


Tactical RPG: Out School (trailer game | prototype)


Player buff countered damage.
AI is affected by the damaging effect. AI hit the player 0 point, AI (plus) or (minus) is equal to 0, so this effect is sticking throughout the fight.

The first look battle of Tactical game Out School

The first look battle of Tactical game Out School

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DEV LOG: Tactical game OutSchool

A game by UHPD Games

Game Title: OutSchool

Game genre: Role Playing, Survival, Action RPG.

Gameplay style: Tactical Strategy, Open World, Sandbox, Mini Game

Game engine: RPG Maker MV

Page Facebook:

Hello, I'm Ung Hoang Phi Dang , I'm from Vietnam . I love games and do want to create them. This is the first time I participated in #igmc 2018 and also the first time to make a game. Okay, let's get started.

Sorry about the delay, I wanted to focus on ideas and create scenes basic game before would recommend it. And I'm using google translate so there will be cryptic words.

Game Ideas: This is a true story about me, I wanted to create a game, So I go to college the university, but during the time I could not learn about create a game. I did not even have the right job I had studied, so I decided left school and self-study about the game.

DAY 1: 

I use Twine to write the conversation in the game, because it is my true story so there will be no difficulty in this first step. The story started from the day I apply for university entrance exam and In the day I claimed the college entrance examination was silly, The details and the event were real and I wanted them to be my memories, So I'll write them into this first game. About 1 hour I created the basic story. 

After the exam, I was required to stay in the city to find a job to pay my college tuition fees in the two months I would describe them in the mini-games. Okay, I have to create more mini-games. Take note it, and then I started creating a new project, deleting unnecessary files. I need the tileset and char of the modern genre, okay I will use main Illustrators by nanikasiratkool as the main graphics for the game. I started drawing with hands a city that I'm bending construction. I will install this city at the rate of ¼. Equivalent to 4 areas (North, South, East, West) each area is 6411x6411

I started drawing them on the computer, I draw City- SE area before because it has sea to the fastest. I need important places for my game, work area, the venue for the college entrance examination. And I need to paint the temple, that is the first place I go to the city must be in the temple because there is no money and no acquaintances in the city. After the final the temple and beach I need to choose the character for the game. I need a Char name: NICO and 2 people the exam seasons supporting because they helped me on college exam day. Finally other npc as contestants, employees.

After having an actor, I will create a MAP called it debug-map. I will create a new event. It includes all conversations that will take place in the game. After the completion of writing the dialogue of the actor in debug-map. I have to go eat and buy some fresh water speakers, open some music to listen to less sad. Okay, it's finished. I continue, broadening the idea that I want to make. I would need to do a survival game in college time (hunger, thirst, fatigue) , or mini-games that describe the work I did while undergoing college. Or a fighting game with teachers and friends. Is not! Those ideas are crazy, I have to show the main purpose. "I go to college because I want to create a game. " Okay I need the recipe, I have to use Vlue's recipe plugin, he has the added gametime plugin. Great, I will create a day and night time system. Date , year. I have to make more time with sunshine, rain, wind, ... I have to use weather mog. I have to write more functions to manage them, I want to have sunny hours, rain is called. Okay, I'll need to create a base switch and variable:. As a switch; night, day, outside, ...

Variable: day, month, year, hour, min, sec .... because I started working went at 22 o'clock and go to school the next morning,  After writing the code: function WeatherController . I had to write my own Object called UHPD_Class to manage the things that are in the game and declare the necessary parameters . During programming, I need the available plugins. That is Localization by Iavra . I will use QPlus (core) by Quxios as the main plugin for the game. And the other plugin MOG, Vlue ... Okay, one day the idea came up and writing the code was tired. At three o'clock in the morning I went to sleep will continue work next day.

DAY 2 , 3 , 4

I just focused on drawing maps for the game, I painted them on Tiled. I using QMap by Quxios  to display it in the game. The total map I drew is 10 MAPs (which is only a fraction of the city - se 128x128. I want to draw full details but I do not want to waste my time for this)

DAY 5 :

After I had the map, I copied the conversation in the debug-map to the maps I drew . Arrange my desired storyline. Done this section, I started looking for icons and create recipes games, recipes have available by Avery's idea, I'll put it into the game and credit him. I put the sun, clouds, fog in the game (function from the first day). Next I need to show the mini-games: Waiter, drivers ... I lost more than 4 hours to complete a mini-game drivers . For the time being, I have the idea of creating a miniMap. I was crazy, I will make it very shortly, I will share this in the future. For the time being, I'm busy make the game. (link on github: , free for all purposes.)

D AY 6 :

Update the plot and debug mini-games . I have to write more code function to make it smoother, game performance. Too lag when entering a 128x128 map. I have to use the TDDP_PreloadManager by Galenmereth . 

DAY 7:

Updated game ideas, Okay, I'll combine them in one of my games. Hungry system, recipe system, mini-game, and battle system. I have to choose the enemy to fight . that is not a teacher or friend, or the day hungry, So that is the SU NGHIEP (same meaning: the career). I need the teammate for the adventure. I will choose cool actors. Must rename the college as the Process because I have reason (Because I left school so I don't want to hear rumors). The plot I wrote too much can not be completed in a short time. So I decided to introduce the story from the day of college registration to the day of college admission. So I will the game name is Out School (prologue) same name Left School is the most accurate meaning. I found and looked at a lot of Battle systems I wanted to use, I saw to see Lecode 's Tactic system great. I decided it to choose the main system. After copying Lecode Tactic system demo into my game. Too many bugs have occurred and I tested too many times. I had to manually fix the bug and write a tbs window called LeTBS_windows_upgrade for looks great 

DAY 8, 9:

Test case Lecode Tactical Battle System and I draw animator for Battle and the inventory system for game, I wrote function (for .. of) to create a file Items.json. So, there are than more 2000 items in my game, I do not care about the description and name items. Because I use the Vlue plugin.

DAY 10:

I started putting the Tactical Battle System into my game the needed scenes and tested again.

As the title, for example I use RPG Maker MV  and then I use the plugin by Yanfly (YEP). Will that be acceptable?