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Question reguarding Patches

A topic by Zmakesgames created Dec 04, 2018 Views: 142 Replies: 3
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Hello, If you don't mind me asking, if someone finds a bug in our project, are we allow to patch up that bug that occurs or is it forbidden as submission time has now concluded. 

I am pretty sure that we are not allowed to patch any we find for the time during the voting but I just wanted to make sure just in case.

If I understand the rules correctly, you can't update your game now as the development period has ended. 


Yeah.  No patches until after the judging.  I’m putting together a lot of fixes to my game that will launch once I can.  

I have some resolution issues that caused some players to struggle with my game. But those are pretty minor issues in the long run. 

I would love to be able to modify my game and keep tweaking it. But then everyone else does the same thing. That means that if the judges take 3 weeks to get through all the games that the first game judged is at a severe disadvantage.  

ÓvÒ I see. Thank you both for your answers, I really appreciate it.